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The Kebos Lowlands

This week sees the release of the Kebos Lowlands expansion to the continent of Zeah!

The Kebos Lowlands

The Kebos Lowlands have finally come to Zeah: head to the far west of Kourend to try your hand at Aerial Fishing, receive a task set by the new Slayer Master, Konar quo Maten, and gain entry to the Farming Guild! Find a detailed guide on what to expect from the new content below, along with a map showing the various ways to get around Kebos. Before we delve in, a special thanks goes out to Mod Ian and Mod Surma for producing 18 amazing tracks to enjoy while exploring the Kebos Lowlands - more than any to ever accompany a previous update!

Getting around Kebos

For those of you who haven't yet travelled to Zeah, you can do so by speaking to Veos (below) at the Port Sarim docks. He will take you to the Kingdom of Kourend which is made of five Houses on the continent of Zeah. After arriving in Kourend on his ship, you will find yourself in the Piscarilius house, on the Eastern side of Zeah. The Kebos Lowlands can be found on the far western side.

Below is a map to help you find your way around the new areas, with a list of teleport and transportation locations and their requirements.

1. The Farming Guild (entrance) - Farming Skillcape or Skills Necklace
2. The Farming Guild (inside) - Spirit Tree (85 Farming)
3. Fairy Ring - Start Fairytale Part II
4. Mount Karuulm (Konar quo Maten) - Kourend Diary Blessing (Hard = 3 per day, Elite = Unlimited)
5. Battlefront Teleport - the Arceuus Spellbook (60% Arceuus Favour 23 Magic)
6. Lovakengj A - Xeric's Talisman (5% Shayzien favour)
7. Kharedst's Memoirs - Forsaken Tower Quest
8. Kourend Castle A - Xeric's Talisman (Architectural Alliance)
9. Kourend Castle B - Kourend Castle Teleport (Transportation Incantations)
10. Shayzien Cemetary - Kharedst's Memoirs (Tale of the Righteous Quest)
11. Fairy Ring - Start Fairytale Part II
12. Lake Molch - each dock allows transport to the others
13. Mount Quidamortem - Xeric's Talisman (Ancient Tablet)


Say a player wished to see Konar to receive a Slayer task but hadn't done the Kourend achievement Diary or started Fairytale Part II, the best route would to teleport to the Farming Guild via a Skills neckalace and run North East. Once at Mount Karuulm, they could climb up using the Agility shortcuts to reach Konar. Alternatively, players on the Arceeus spellbook could cast the Battlefront Teleport and run north west.

Players looking to do a spot of Aerial Fishing may use the Fairy Ring south of the Lizardman Canyon or Kharedst's Memoirs then run west to catch a boat to the centre of Lake Molch.

The Farming Guild

The land deep within the Kebos Lowlands is home to soil more fertile than anywhere else on Gielinor. Land this fertile is highly appealing to members of Hosidius house, even with the threat of the Lizardmen. Following an agreement between Lord Hosidius and Lord Shayzien, a detachment of Shayzien soldiers has been assigned to protect the area. This has allowed Hosidius house to build and maintain a guild where farmers can experiment and master their craft.

Click here to read more about the Farming Guild The Farming Guild is a new guild found in the Kebos Lowlands. The guild is separated into three large greenhouses with each one acting as a different tier for the guild. The first tier requires to enter, the second requires and the third requires . Entering the guild requires . As mentioned above, guildmaster Jane can also be found at the Farming Guild. She can assign players contracts that require them to grow certain crops in exchange for seed packs. There are three tiers of contract available; Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 which each increase in difficulty. It wouldn't be an expansion to Farming if we didn't include some brand-new patches for you to grow various crops! The Hespori patch is a new patch unique to the second tier of the Farming guild. The only thing that can be grown here is a Hespori plant. The seeds for this plant can be randomly found while harvesting other plants (this can be toggled by talking to an NPC near the patch) or by . Once the patch has fully grown, the Hespori can be fought as a solo demi-boss. Killing the Hespori boss grants Farming experience. It has a loot table of seeds, including the unique White lily seed . Alongside being the only way for players to gather untradeable Anima seeds, the Hespori also has a chance of dropping the Bottomless compost bucket which can hold up to . The Hespori is instanced with an item reclaim service that works identically to other grave systems like Grotesque Guardians/Zulrah/Vorkath, and only one can be utilised at any time. This means that any other graves will be wiped on death. The Anima patch is a new patch unique to the second tier of the Farming guild. Planting something here has worldwide effects on all of your other patches. There are three types of seeds that can be planted here, which can only be obtained through fighting the Hespori and are untradeable. These plants are active as soon as they are planted. Over their three and a half day life span, they grow from a seedling into a withering state. This state indicates that it is one stage away from death. Once it dies, it's effects will cease until re-planted. The Celastrus patch is a new patch unique to the third tier of the Farming guild. Once a Celastrus patch has fully grown (which is 16 hours, the same length required to grow a fruit tree), it can be harvested for a tradeable resource, Celastrus wood, which can be turned into Battlestaves with level 40 Fletching. The amount of Celastrus wood harvested from a fully grown Celastrus patch is random, much like the way harvesting herbs works, with a minimum number of lives to ensure a guaranteed amount each harvest. The Redwood patch is a new patch unique to the third tier of the Farming guild. Once fully grown (taking ~106 hours) the Redwood patch turns into a Redwood tree and can be cut down for logs and Woodcutting experience. The Large Compost Bin works the same as any other Compost Bin but has the added benefit of being able to store double the usual amount of compost. Whilst the Farming guild introduces various new patches with new crops, there are certain patches in-game that we'd also like to utilise by adding new crops for you to grow. Dragonfruit trees can be grown in Fruit tree patches around Gielinor. The seeds are tradeable and are rarely obtained through nests, boss drops or by completing Farming Contracts. Dragonfruit trees have the same growth time as other fruit trees and give the following Farming experience; 140 XP for planting, 17,335 XP for checking its health and 70 XP for harvesting. Harvesting a Dragonfruit tree gives you Dragonfruit, a new food item that can either be eaten to heal 10 hitpoints or they can be baked into Dragonfruit pies at 73 cooking. Dragonfruit pies heal 10 hitpoints per serving and provide a temporary Fletching boost of +4. In addition to being a useful stat-boosting food, 10 Dragonfruit can be squeezed into a vial which can be used on the vents in Mount Karuulm to beome bottled Dragon's breath. This can be used to . White lily can be grown in flower patches around Gielinor. The seeds are only dropped by the Hespori, but they are tradable. White lily has the same growth time as other flowers and gives the following Farming experience; 42 XP for planting and 250 XP for harvesting. When fully grown, a flower patch with White lily in it will protect all types of crops in adjacent allotment patches. Potato cacti can be grown in cactus patches around Gielinor. The seeds are tradeable and are rarely obtained through nests or by completing Farming Contracts. Potato cacti take 70 minutes to fully grow and give the following Farming experience; 68 XP for planting and 68 XP for harvesting. Snape grass can be grown in allotment patches around Gielinor. The seeds are tradeable and are rarely obtained through nests or by completing Farming Contracts. Snape grass takes 70 minutes to fully grow and gives the following Farming experience; 82 XP for planting and 82 XP for harvesting.

Mount Karuulm

On the northern edge of the Kebos Lowlands lies the Sulphur Volcano of Mount Karuulm. Here, the Tasakaal, masters of life and death, make their home. Within the shadow of this volcano lies the home of the Kahlith. These beings were once human, but they have abandoned their previous lives in the name of the Tasakaal. Together, the Tasakaal and the Kahlith work together to maintain the balance between life and death. Assist them, and you might just be rewarded.

Click here to read more about Mount Karuulm Atop Mount Karuulm you'll find Konar quo Maten, the newest Slayer Master. There is also a bank with a deposit box and poll booth, a furnace, and a weapon shop that sells various spears, warhammers and battleaxes. Konar quo Maten, a member of the Kahlith race, is a new Slayer Master located on Mount Karuulm that is accessible to players with 75 Combat. Konar is a little different when compared to your usual Slayer Master in that the tasks she assigns require you to kill monsters in a Going out of your way to complete tasks from Konar has its benefits. Each task completed from Konar rewards the player with and all kills on task from this master have a chance of hitting a new global loot table. The chance of hitting this loot table is scaled by the combat level of the NPC you're fighting, and the loot is granted in addition to any normal drop you would receive. The loot table is split into two potential rewards:

Aerial Fishing

In the middle of Lake Molch is a small island home to Alry the Angler, a peculiar fisherman with a very different approach to catching fish.

Alry uses birds, specifically Cormorants, to catch and return fish and salamanders that take residence in the nearby waters. Similar to Falconry when training Hunter, the player equips the bird on their arm. When clicking a fishing pool, the bird swoops down and returns to the player with the catch. If the player's inventory is full, the bird swallows the catch and doesn't award any experience to the player. The player must have both hands free to wield the bird.

Click here to read more about Aerial Fishing A catch is guaranteed for each time the bird is sent. The pools of fish move at a somewhat frequent rate, around every 7-12 seconds. Multiple people can catch from the same pool and will see people fishing from all sides of the circular island. If the bird is sent whilst the pool is moving to a new location, it still counts as a successful catch. King Worms are used as a starting bait which can be gathered on the island. When the player starts to catch fish, they can cut the fish up into stackable 'Fish chunks'. The bird will take 1 chunk every 3-6 catches as a reward for gathering the fish. There are 4 types of catch found in Lake Molch: require 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter to catch with Aerial Fishing. require 56 Fishing and 51 Hunter to catch with Aerial Fishing. require 73 Fishing and 68 Hunter to catch with Aerial Fishing. require 91 Fishing and 87 Hunter to catch with Aerial Fishing. can be fished up from Lake Molch when Aerial Fishing. These have a 1/100 chance of being fished up on a successful catch. They are stackable and can be traded with the Angler in his pearl store for various untradeable rewards. In addition to your expected catch, when fishing with your Cormorant, there is a very slim chance that it will return with an extremely rare 'Golden Tench'. This is a fish that can be equipped in the hand and has no stats. It is not tradeable. At level 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter, you should expect to earn approximately per hour from Aerial Fishing. At level 99 Fishing and 99 Hunter, you should expect to earn approximately per hour from Aerial Fishing.

Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary

The Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary is a new diary that covers the regions of both Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands. It will work in the same way as other Achievement Diaries and full completion of this diary will be required for the Diary Cape.

Elise, the taskmaster for this diary, will be found in the courtyard of Kourend Castle (a teleport to her will be added to the Diary Cape).

Click here to read more about the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary To fully complete the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary you will need to meet the following level requirements: Completing the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary will grant players various rewards including Rada's Blessing, which upgrades with each tier of the diary completed. This is a new blessing that can be equipped in the ammo slot.
The Forsaken Tower

For thousands of years, the Wintertodt has remained safely sealed behind the great Doors of Dinh. Alas, despite the best attempts of the Lovakengj smiths and the Arceuus mages, the doors are failing. Only Dinh himself knew the secrets behind the creation of these doors. Without his knowledge, there may be nothing to stop the Wintertodt escaping and bringing ruin upon Kourend. It is up to you to recover this knowledge.

The Forsaken Tower is a brand-new novice quest that further develops on the story of the houses of Kourend. The quest can be started by speaking to Lady Vulcana Lovakengj in Lovakengj House.

Spoiler warning! Click here to see requirements for The Forsaken Tower:

Spoiler warning! Click here to see the rewards for completion of The Forsaken Tower:

The Ascent of Arceuus

A long time ago, the citizens of Arceuus house gave up their human bodies and claimed immortality. This event was known as the Ascent of Arceuus and it marked the end of death within Arceuus house. Or so they believed. For the first time in a thousand years, a member of Arceuus house has fallen. You will need to solve the mystery of this death. However, time is of the essence and the fate of Arceuus house lies in your hands.

The Ascent of Arceuus is a brand-new novice quest that further develops on the story of the houses of Kourend. The quest can be started by speaking to Mori in Arceuus House.

Spoiler warning! Click here to see requirements for The Ascent of Arceuus:

Spoiler warning! Click here to see the rewards for completion of The Ascent of Arceuus:

Tweaks and Changes

As a result of playtesting efforts in preparation for the release of the Kebos Lowlands, we opted to make three changes to the content originally pitched. These are:
  • Protection from the burn effect in the Mount Karuulm dungeon without special boots was added as an Elite Diary reward
  • Redwood tree growth time at the Farming Guild was increased from 85 hours to 106.
  • The Shayzien helm effect will be added to the Slayer helmet upon request instead of the two items being combined. This is still done by talking to Captain Cleive (in the Task only Shamans area found in the Lizardman Settlement) after completing the Hard Zeah Diary.
    Competition Results

The competitions described in the Kebos Lowlands Progress Update post drew to a close late last week. The Old School team would like to thank everybody who submitted an entry - we've been impressed by your creative talents and original art styles! Here's a list of all the winners and their entries. Winners will be contacted about their prizes in the coming days.

Kourend: The Story So Far Video

Alongside the login screen competition, we challenged you guys to make a short video covering the story of Kourend so far. We received loads of fantastic entries and had a tough time whittling them down to three. However after drawing an impressive shortlist, we rated each one on their commentary and visuals. Congratulations to J1mmy whose winning entry is found at the top of this page! We also congratulate players John Jingler and Its Tab for placing second and third!

Honorable mentions:

Click on the names of these content creators who submitted notable entries which are linked below:  Screen Competitio
A huge congratulations to God of Onion whose entry is going live as the login screen with this update. Their depiction of Mount Karuulm captured the mood we want players to experience when entering the Kebos Lowlands for the first time.

A further congratulations go to both Runezila and Tamara for earning 2nd and 3rd place respectively with their entries seen below.

Runezilla's 2nd place entry

All competition winners can expect to hear from us soon regarding their prizes!

Other Changes
Here's a list of other changes taking place alongside the update:
  • The PvP rota is switching over to Period B.
  • Xeric's talisman no longer deducts charges when you attempt to teleport to a destination you've not unlocked.
  • An issue with the Hosidius Range where it was only burning the first fish has been fixed. The buff will now apply correctly.
  • Outside of Bounty Hunter worlds, killing a player with a Mysterious emblem of any tier will now reward the killer with a downgraded version of that emblem regardless of whether they have an emblem themselves.
  • The shade of green on the untrimmed Achievement diary cape has been adjusted to match the trimmed version.
  • A grammar error has been fixed in the Dragon Slayer II quest journal.
  • Unfeathered dragon bolts should now appear above dragonhide on the ground in Vorkath's lair.
  • A grammar error has been fixed in lazy cat dialogue.
  • The skill guide now reflects that ugthanki kebabs heal 19 rather than 18.
  • The name of the Zamorak spear has been corrected in the Attack skill-guide.
  • Attempting to teleport to one's POH when one's already inside it will now offer a warning in case this is an error.
  • Shayzien equipment crates now have a Destroy option when empty so that they don't clutter up the ground so much.
  • The name of the Anti-venom+ potion has been corrected in the Herblore skill-guide.
  • The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil now has a 1/96 chance of dropping hard clue scrolls.
  • The notifications about remaining charges on a Scythe of Vitur have been coloured to help them stand out.
  • The name of the Vanguard pet has been made more consistent as 'Vanguard' rather than 'Mini Vanguard'.
  • When Barrows kit degrades to its completely broken state, the notification now says this rather than merely saying it's degraded slightly.
  • Adding a rope to the Kalphite lair holes will now automatically trigger your character to descend the hole.
  • Guthix Rest tea now obeys the standard restrictions on healing items.


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