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Get into the RuneScape Mobile Android Beta

We’re delighted to confirm that we’ve begun releasing the first of our two caps for the RuneScape Members Mobile Android Beta!

25,000 spots are now available to download on a first come, first served basis!

The cap will be raised in two batches to ensure adventurers on both sides of the globe have the opportunity to get involved. If you're unable to download the application today, we'll be opening up the second batch (an additional 25,000 spots) tomorrow morning at 09:00 game time.

How do I enter the Beta?

The RuneScape Members Mobile Beta is accessible to all members with a compatible Android mobile device. Details on iOS availability will be announced at a later date. This cap increase is another step along the road to an open beta and, ultimately, a full release.

Download the RuneScape Mobile Beta app from the Google Play Store.

Full details concerning eligibility, restrictions and technical details can be found in the FAQ.

Don’t get phished!

Please be aware of scammers. Make sure you only trust our official channels. Communications from our website always use the URL runescape.com, and our Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Twitch social accounts all have a verified badge next to their names. If you see an ad, make sure you check the link to see if it's genuine. There are no active iOS Betas, so if you see an ad claiming otherwise, it's fake.

If you have any doubt, DO NOT enter your login or any other personal information.

What content can I expect in this Beta?

The RuneScape Members Mobile Beta continues to develop and grow. Recent updates include an overhaul to the NPC chat system (making chat clearer and easier to navigate), the introduction of more intuitive action bars and improvements to looting. There have also been a lot of interaction refinements to improve the recognition of tapping, swiping and dragging.

Of course, being a Beta, you should anticipate some imperfections. We are working very hard to ensure that RuneScape on mobile is every bit as playable as RuneScape on desktop, and we actively encourage players to send us their thoughts. Every bit of feedback helps. We welcome feedback in our new forum section!

Thanks ever so much for your ongoing support. Enjoy!


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