Deadman: Spring Finals and Summer Season


The Deadman Spring Finals which begins on Saturday 23rd March and concludes on Saturday 30th March. The Summer Season begins on Saturday 30th March as the Spring Finals end, so in this newspost we'll tell you about what changes to expect for the Spring Finals and the Summer Season. The Spring Finals sees the top players from the Spring Season invited to compete for $32,000 in prize money. Players will receive their invitations directly to their RuneScape message centre.Spring Finals Changelog and Key InformationThe Spring Finals begin at 3pm on Saturday 23rd March and will conclude with the Permadeath stage which begins at 8pm on Saturday 30th March. The Spring Finals will be held live at ESL Studio in Leicester on Saturday 30th March. This will not be a ticketed event. The final 1v1 section of the Finals will include the last 256 surviving players of the Permadeath stage, rather than the previous top 128. The structure is as follows: Bracket 1: 256 players | 128 Arenas Bracket 2: 128 players | 64 Arenas Bracket 3: 64 players | 32 Arenas Bracket 4: 32 players | 16 Arenas Bracket 5: 16 players | 8 Arenas Bracket 6: 8 players | Quarter-final Bracket 7: 4 players | Semi-final Bracket 8: 2 players | Final Players will no longer be able to create a Ring of Suffering. The following are changes from previous finals that still apply: The Ancient Warriors armours are not available in-game. Dragon limbs are 4 times more common to drop from Rune Dragons. Items that are manually dropped by players cannot be picked up or traded whilst they are in the arenas. Healing supplies will not be dropped on death. A slow ticking fog will begin to chip away at players health in order to prevent intentional stalling. Once only one player remains in an arena they will automatically be teleported onto the next bracket. You will have a short period of time in which to loot from your opponent. Players who are successful at progressing beyond the first bracket will have their inventory wiped of supplies (food and potions) and we will be providing a set number of food and potions potions to even the competition outside of gear upgrades that they have obtained along the way.                Summer Season Changelog and Key InformationThe Summer Season begins at approximately 10pm on Saturday 30th March and will end on Thursday 2nd May. More potions have been added to the Bounty Hunter store. The following potions added are: Super Combat - cost 30000 points Extended Antifire - cost 5000 points Zamorak Brew - cost 25000 points Antidote ++ - cost 3000 pointsIn a weekly basis, different NPCs will have double drops for their uniques: Week 1 - Revenants Week 2 - Barrows Week 3 - Godwars Bosses Week 4 - Wildy BossesPlayers will all unlock the following on set days during the Summer Season:Day 7 - Quests, Barrows, and 6 hour immunity Day 14 - Ancient MagicksPreviously, we’ve disallowed swapping from the main game to Deadman Mode. In the Deadman Summer Season, we’ll be lifting the banhammer – allowing players to swap as they please. Note that we will not be providing any swapping services and players are advised to do so at their own risk. All other rules will still apply and remain unchanged. to Watch DeadmanThe Deadman Spring Finals and the Deadman Summer Season brings with it hours of content to watch and enjoy. Get to the Twitch directory and you'll find lots of dedicated Old School streamers broadcasting the slaughter of their enemies.Watch the action of the Spring Finals Permadeath stage from the official OldSchoolRS Twitch channel OldSchoolRS Twitch channel.Watch Old School streamers on the Old School RuneScape Twitch directory.  The Players On StageIf you're still wondering what Deadman is and you want to get involved,Torvesta has created a guide to get you started this Season! Watch it below.We want to thank you for your patience regarding the wait-time on this blog. We understand that this Spring Finals and Summer Season may be missing some key updates that you all have previously suggested. We want to assure you that we will be looking into assessing our development time for the Autumn Season. Good luck to all of you in your quest for Deadman domination!