Crack the Clue 2: Week 2


Crack the Clue 2: Week 2In 2016 we saw the release of Crack the Clue. After 12 gruelling months of theorising, searching and inspecting pixels, the Helm of Raedwald was finally found! Congratulations once again, Pikachu Yip! The time has come to bring you the sequel to your favourite clue-seeker event with Crack the Clue 2. Gather your friends and spades and delve into the depths of Gielinor to uncover hidden treasures from a secret organisation.Similar to the last clue-seeker event, over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be releasing hints to help Crack the Clue. These clues will be solvable in game allowing you to unlock a piece of a brand-new set of cosmetic gear!Once all clues have been released, the information they provide can be combined to create an especially challenging mystery. The first player to successfully solve it will be forever commemorated in the game. All players who are able to complete the clue will also receive the final piece of equipment to complete the set!Our last clue can be found on the following blogHere is the clue for week 2: