Chargebow Fix, Portable Vic & Stroopwafels


Our preparations for the Eastertime Fete are hopping along nicely, but in the meantime we’ve also been working hard on some other projects, including Portable Vic, a much-anticipated fix for chargebows, and a delicious community celebration. Read on to find out more!Portable Vic the TraderEveryone’s favourite trader is gearing up to offer a more personal service. From April 23rd to May 26th you will be able to exchange a Bond to summon your very own Portable Vic the Trader. At the press of a button Vic will set up shop in the time and place of your choosing with his usual range of wares, including unique items, skill outfit pieces, and prismatic lamps.A few facts about Portable Vic the Trader:Portable Vic will have better XP exchange rates than regular Vic.Once activated you will be able to use your portable Vic for an hour.Portable Vic will only work for the person who summoned him, and the summoner cannot use other Vics. Vic won’t be sticking around for long, so act quickly if you’d like to secure his services. Take a look at this FAQ to find answer for the most common questions about Portable Vic. You can also discuss Vic with fellow players over on Discord.note:At this time, this is not a permanent addition to the game, but may be re-introduced permanently if it proves popular. This does not impact the usual occurrence of Vic the Trader.Chargebow FixWith the game update that released on the 4th March we introduced some changes to chargebows since then we’ve listened to your feedback and made some changes to chargebows. One of the most common player requests since then has been to only make chargebows do reduced damage when used with arrows with special effects.From now on, only arrows with hit effects will be consumed by chargebows.We're adding this fix to the game this week. Top ↑Gefeliciteerd!On the 22nd of April we’ll be saying ‘happy birthday’ to our Dutch community, who have been active in RuneScape for 10 whole years! To celebrate this momentous occasion, and the Dutch festival Kings Day on the 27th, stroopwafels are coming to RuneScape!To get your hands on these delicious Dutch delicacies, look for Wilhelm near the windmill in Taverley. Only the most discerning of adventurers will taste them all and figure out which kind of stroopwafel tastes the best! A few people from the Dutch community have planned additional activities and the information.CharityKeep a look out for our Charity Partners at the Eastertime Fete! Representatives from CPSL Mind and The Prince’s Trust will be in attendance, full of information about their respective charities.Don’t forget that any purchases made during the Guilded Eggstravaganza – including purchases from Solomon’s Store - will go straight to charity. You’ll also get a hefty chunk of crystallised fragments for donating. It’s a win-win!Patch notesA few highlight of the changes this week are:Added an option in Social settings, under Friend List, to prevent other players from trailing you after adding you to their friends list.Added Liberation of Mazcab to the Max Guild boss portal options.Increased the player's Grand Exchange sales history from the last 20 finished transactions to 40.LootScapeOur live streams are always a great opportunity to grab some awesome in-game prizes. And this April, we’ve done one particularly hefty update of the LootScape for you! We’ve added a bonanza package for your Player-Owned Farm, courtesy of Granny Potterington. In addition, we thought it would be time to bring back some player-favourite goodies: the skilling outfit piece, the Loots Cape and Nature’s Balance (main-hand sword override).This April, each and every RuneScape stream watched will give you a random drop from one of the following:Guaranteed:Between 10-100 Player-Owned Farm BeansA name re-roller or trait re-rollerA random animal for their farmGuaranteed drop from Basic (see below)View counter goes up on OrbChance based: A random skilling outfit piece (if unowned)Either Nature’s Balance or Loots Cape (if unowned)Basic : Prismatic small fallen star, Prismatic medium fallen star, Prismatic small lamp, Prismatic medium lamp, Spirit Ruby, Spirit Diamond, Advanced Pulse Core, Spring, Silverhawk down, Medium DG Token Box, Small DG Token Box, Uncut Dragonstone, Large Cash Bag, Medium Cash Bag or Small Cash Bag.Tuesday, April 23rd – 16:00 UTC (Game Time) – General Q&AYou’ve got questions? We have answers! You’ve been requesting more opportunities to exchange with us on current projects, or address all kinds of questions that could arise during your adventures in Gielinor. Well, now’s the time: join us for a full hour of Q&A on the sofas! We will also be calling for questions on Facebook, Twitter and Discord, keep an eye out.LootScape will be enabled (see all details above).Wednesday, April 24th – 19:30 UTC (Game Time) – Wazzy VS VoragoWait a minute, there’s a boatload of Content Creators streaming EVERY DAY on RuneScape, so why are we featuring Wazzy’s weekly stream? Well, here’s a surprise for you. We are extending our LootScape to our amazing community! That’s right, starting today, you’ll have one more opportunity per week to receive in-game loot when you watch a RuneScape streamer. It works exactly the same way as our official streams, just watch Wazzy take down Vorago (his Twitch channel) and you’ll receive the LootScape the following day!LootScape will be enabled (see all details above).Sunday, April 28th – 18:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod LeeOur resident PvM expert Mod Lee knows no fear and he’s ready to take you all on another round of boss mass. From Vorago to the Kalphite King, the Corporeal Beast, the Angel of Death, if you’ve got a set to complete, an achievement to unlock, or simply want to hang out with friends and slay some, this is the place and time!LootScape will be enabled (see all details above).