Old School Near Miss Poll


Since the start of Old School we have polled a lot of potential updates, many of which did not make it into the game.

We've gone through all of the previously rejected content updates and have picked a few where we feel we can improve what was offered before, RS Gold. based on your feedback, in order to offer something that many of the community might want to see in game.

Clan Wars game modes and tweaks

We've got a couple of new game modes as well as some small tweaks to Clan Wars to offer in the near miss poll.

We feel that the game modes may have not passed due to the community not fully understanding what they were. We will go into some detail here in order to make sure that isn't a factor in the near miss poll.

Timed Deathmatch

In a timed deathmatch clan war the clan that gets the most kills in a set period of time wins. The amount of time would be selected by the two players starting the war.

Question: Should we introduce a new Clan Wars game mode called Timed Deathmatch? Clans could choose a set amount of time and the team with the most kills by the end of it would win.

Team Oddskull

In a team oddskull clan war a skull spawns in the middle of the map at the start of the war. Picking up and holding the skull gains your clan points. The opposing team must kill the player carrying the skull in order to claim it themselves and gain points.

The team with the most points at the end of the war win.

Question: Should we introduce a new Clan Wars game mode called Team Oddskull? Clans could compete to hold a skull for the longest, killing each other to get possession of the skull. The clan that holds the skull for the most time wins.

Clan Wars Classic tweaks

The Clan Wars classic map, while reminiscent of the original, does not play exactly as it should. We've received feedback from the clan world and would like to make a few changes to the map in order to make it play in a more similar way to how it originally did.

The following tweaks would be made:

• Allow maging and ranging over the walls.

• Shorten the distance between parallel walls closer to the original 10 tiles.

Question: Should we make some small changes to the Clan Wars Classic map to make it play more like the original?

Wilderness related changes

Wilderness boss pets

When originally polled pets only just passed. The community weren't all convinced that they would be a good addition to Old School.

Now that pets have been introduced into the game and have been a huge success with many players striving to get them we feel that the community have a better idea of the impact pets have. For this reason we will be offering to introduce the wilderness boss pets once more.

Question: Should the wilderness bosses drop very rare pets of themselves?

Question: Should we add a very rare Scorpia pet to the Scorpia drop table?

Replacing the wilderness ditch

The wilderness ditch is something that many players would rather not be there. While a useful tool against luring and players accidentally entering the wilderness we feel that we can accomplish the same protection with a much less intrusive barrier to the wilderness.

If the replacing of the wilderness ditch passed a poll we would put a less intrusive, or potentially invisible, barrier in the same place. This barrier would interrupt you as you attempt to walk into the wilderness warn players and require them to acknowledge the risks of entering the wilderness. It would be possible to disable this message if you are a player that regularly visits the wilderness.

Making this change allows us to remove the lengthy animation of hopping the ditch. It would also allow players that are regularly out in the wilderness to run straight into the wilderness without needing to use the 'Jump over' option on the ditch.

Question: Should we replace the wilderness ditch with a less intrusive barrier that offers the same level of protection against luring? Players would be given a warning when attempting to run past the barrier. This warning would be toggleable.

Teleblock in F2P

With the upcoming release of permanent F2P we feel that it is a significant enough change to offer changing teleblock to be available to F2P players once again.

Question: Should teleblock be made usable by F2P players?

Dropping items in the wilderness

When items are dropped in the wilderness they currently take the usual minute to appear to other players. This often leads to situations where people about to die will drop their items and run back to pick them up in order to grief the players killing them.

We would like to offer a change to dropping items in the wilderness and PvP worlds where the items appear instantly. This would prevent the above from happening.

When we polled this previously we did not explain the motivation for offering the change. This time we will include some information in the question to make sure that the community are more aware of the purpose of the change.

Question: Should items dropped inside the wilderness and PvP worlds appear instantly? This would prevent players griefing PKers by dropping items.

Everything else

Public chat filtering

We recently offered the ability to filter chat above the heads of players so that you can only see messages including certain words or phrases. This did not pass the poll however we received a lot of feedback saying that it was likely due to the wording of the question.

We will be offering this again with a clearer description of what the change would mean.

Question: Should we allow players to hide messages from above the heads of other players unless they contain chosen words? This would work in the same way that you are able to currently able to 'filter' autochat and would make it easier to find people buying or selling what you are looking for.

Skipping dialogue with the spacebar

We've had a lot of people requesting that we offer this once again. We are yet to see anyone voice concerns about the change despite it failing the last time it was polled. This leads us to believe that it may have failed due to players misunderstanding the question.

We have re-worded the question to be slightly clearer when describing what this change would mean.

Question: Should you be able to press the spacebar to continue through NPC dialogue and use number keys to select from options that appear in the chatbox? You would still be able to click the options with your mouse as normal.

Godsword accurate attack style change

The accurate attack style of the Godswords is currently a crush attack. Many players have asked for this to change to slash as Godswords have +132 slash attack bonus compared to +80 crush attack.

The last time we polled this we did not provide information on the stats of the weapon. We would like to offer it once more with a slightly more detailed question.

Question: Should we change the accurate attack style of the Godswords to slash from crush? The Godswords have a slash attack bonus of +132 compared to the crush attack bonus of +80.

Ring of recoil breaking

This question is not a re-poll but it is something we would like to get done soon. We would like to change the message that appears in your chatbox when a ring of recoil breaks to make it stand out a little more.

Question: Should the message that appears in your chatbox when a ring of recoil breaks be changed to make it more noticeable?

Super combat potion sharing

Sharing super combat potions using the Lunar spell Boost Potion Share is currently not possible. When we previously polled this it did not pass, however we believe that it may have been due to a lack of detail on what the Boost Potion Share spell does.

Question: Should it be made possible to share super combat potions using the Lunar spell Boost Potion Share? Using this spell consumes 1 dose for each person that receives the boost.

Increasing poll restrictions

During the poll poll we held a while back we offered replacing the 280 total level restriction with a requirement of having played Old School for 25 hours. We would like to offer this increased poll requirement alongside a slightly increased total level requirement rather than having one replace the other.

Question: Should the requirement to vote in content polls be increased from 280 total level to 300 total level and at least 25 hours played? For this to work we will have to remove the ability to vote through the website.

Additional Grand Exchange tweaks

We are aiming to have the Grand Exchange out by the end of February. As such we have limited time to dedicate polls to additional Grand Exchange content. We are including a couple of extra Grand Exchange options that have not been polled previously so that we can keep on pace with the development of the system.

Question: Should we add a button to the main offer screen of the Grand Exchange that allows you to collect all unclaimed items in a single click?

Question: Should we add a button to the worn equipment screen that allows you to price check your items? It would be placed between the existing equipment stats and items kept on death buttons.