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Small Changes and Bugfixes

This week: a new teleport tablet, additions to the costume room, and bugfixes.

Dark Crabs Teleport Tablets

Following the latest LMS rewards poll, teleport tablets that take you near the dark crab fishing spots have been added to the Last Man Standing store. They provide quicker access to Callisto and Venenatis and leave you in a single-way combat zone between the bears and spiders in level 33 Wilderness.

The location of the teleport is shown here by the map marker.

POH Costume Room Additions

Mudskipper hats and flippers can now be stored in the magic wardrobe, and the stale baguette in the fancy dress box.

Things You May Have Missed

Old School RuneScape Leagues

While this week's game update is a light one, there's lots going on behind the scenes! If you haven't already, make sure to read the Old School RuneScape Leagues announcement. It describes a brand new game mode in which players compete by completing tasks while locked to one zone. It boasts rewards that will carry over from one league to the next and some cosmetic unlocks for the main game mode that will be voted on by the community.

Fremennik Exiles

The next instalment in the Fremennik questline is coming in next week's update! Check out the Fremennik Exiles poll blog to read some words from the developers behind the quest as well as the requirements and rewards.

New Merch

New merch is now available for pre-order in our online store, including the latest additions to the AngelsScapes range: God Wars pins and skill capes key rings! We've also added a new Gnome Child tee!

In Other News

PvP Rotation A: The PvP World Rota is switching over to Period A. On the east of the Atlantic, host the Bounty Hunter world (W18, UK) and the High Risk PvP world (W43, Germany). On the west of the Atlantic, host the Standard PvP world (W24, USA) and the F2P PvP world (W117, USA).
  • The notional value of the eternal Slayer ring has been increased so that it protects over more items on death.
  • The descriptions of the berserker necklace (or) and its ornament kit have been updated to reflect the actual appearance of the item.
  • The elven skirt variants no longer attach to the crystal grail or ale of the gods when equipped together.
  • The three remaining elven chatheads have been updated to match the style of the other elves.
  • The spam filter now blocks the message displayed in the chatbox when players sing items at the Gauntlet's crystal bowl.
  • A clipping issue with the Observatory Professor has been fixed.
  • A stretching issue when female characters created potions with the music cape equipped has been fixed.


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