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Runescape Changes to European Online Purchases

We wanted to let you know about some changes to the way you make online purchases.

From September 14th 2019, people who live in the European Economic Area may need to pass an additional bank security check when making a purchase. This is due to the introduction of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

PSD2 is designed to make spending and managing money online more secure. New rules about Secure Customer Authentication checks mean that sometimes when a purchase is made, it will need to be validated by any two of the following three method:

  • Users providing information, such as a password or pin number
  • Validation by an owned device, such as a smartphone or USB key
  • Biological verification, such as a fingerprint or voice recognition
  • It is up to the bank to decide which of these methods it wants to use - this is out of our control. Most of the time, your bank will do its own background security checks, meaning you won't need to take any additional action.

    Membership subscriptions should not be affected by these changes.


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    • David

      Was quick and easy, bought 100m. Will def come back for more.

    • gentsdom

      An actual review: Site is sketchy, Customer support is very fast (surprisingly) and they deliver within 5 minutes. Actual good site surprisingly. All the other sites are super sus and require tons of identification. I appreciate this site :)

    • OSRS player

      fantastic service and super fast no issues at all! cant wait to try this service again!

    • sportfreak

      easy and delivered in 5mins

    • AaronJ

      absolute pleasure doing business with this company, no headache, no wait, 5 stars! seriously go with these guys

    • mog

      Super fast delivery, will use again. thanks!

    • Peter

      Wow... Amazing! I wish I knew about this before. Wonderful service and easy. Very nice people.

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