Runescape The Lost Toys


The Lost Toys is a miniquest that was released on 11 April 2016, ahead of the launch of River of Blood. Players must have completed In Search of the Myreque to begin the event by speaking to Lex who is located in the Hair of the Dog inn in Canifis. The player hunts for 13 plushies lost throughout Morytania. Completion of quests in the Myreque quest series is recommended, as some of the toys are located in areas used in the quests. Players receive a shiny columbarium key for each plushie that they find and squeeze and a cosmetic vampyre plushie override for finding all 13 toys. Finding all toys is a requirement for obtaining the completionist cape.

Upon returning all the plushies to Lex, he reveals himself as Lord Alexei Jovkai, which does not surprise the player. Alexei rewards the player with the Draccles plushie, a magical off-hand weapon and an override of the same item.


Recommended teleport items

Ring of slaying (teleports to Slayer Tower/fairy ring)

Games necklace


Drakan's medallion

Boss portal set to Araxxi/Araxxor

Wicked hood or Blood altar teleport

Invitation box (teleports near Paterdomus)


Hint Plushie Location

Ummm, I think I might have lost a plushie in a prison cell. Mr Bitey On the 2nd floor[UK] of the Paterdomus, in a bed behind the bars. N/A

Umm, I'm sure I lost one deep in the Haunted Woods. Fangs South-west of the fairy ring (code A•L•Q) in the Haunted Woods, being held by a skeleton.

Ooh yuck - that place with the spiders. I ran away fast! Mr Puddles Inside the Araxyte Hive, near the entrance to the fight with Araxxor.

Umm, I might have dropped one in a hidden library somewhere. Count Snugula Under the Paterdomus, climb down the trapdoor near Drezel. The plushie is on the top shelf of a book shelf.

Count Snugula location

Umm, the next one I lost was near a tree with a big hole in it. Drakemon In The Hollows, in a group of mushrooms just south of the entrance to the caves, east of the large tree near Curpile Fyod. Nearest teleport is fairy ring (code D•L•S).

Drakemon location

Umm, I think I lost one in a secret hideout. Blushie On a chair in the Myreque Hideout in Burgh de Rott.

Blushie location

Umm, there was a tomb nearby when I lost the next one. Draccles On a rock near Ivandis Seergaze's tomb in the caves. Fairy ring (code D•L•S), then through three cave entrances: south, north, then northeast.

Draccles location

Umm, I remember being in a mine one time. Vamplushie In a broken minecart in the south-west corner of the Meiyerditch mine.

Vamplushie location

Umm, the next one I lost on a wall somewhere. Scare Bear At the very end of the wall around Darkmeyer (on top of the wall), north of Drakan's castle, just east of the north sketch location for Darkness of Hallowvale. Take the boat from Burgh de Rott to Meiyerditch and travel north along the wall to reach the wall around Darkmeyer.

Go north until you reach a ladder, climb down it and search the wall on the east and the open the barricade in the northern wall. Climb up the next ladder to the 1st floor[UK], then climb up the next ladder to reach the 2nd floor[UK] and climb down the next ladder to return to the 1st floor[UK]. Climb the ladder just south of castle Drakan, then follow the wall around until you find the plushie.

Scare Bear location

Umm, I lost one in an underground laboratory somewhere. Heartless In a broken range in the normal bloodveld chamber in the Meiyerditch Laboratories.

Heartless location

Umm, there was loads of blood near where I lost the last one! My Little Vanstrom In a coffin, just west of the Blood Altar.

My Little Vanstrom location

Umm, there was a carpeted cave I remember - I might have lost one there. Vlad the Embracer Sitting on the edge of the blood pool in Drakan's tomb under Burgh de Rott. Partial completion of The Branches of Darkmeyer required.

Vlad the Embracer location

Umm, I lost one in a graveyard, I think. Booboo In a swamp tree just west of the mausoleum in the Icyene graveyard. The Lord of Vampyrium quest must only be started to get to the graveyard. Teleport to Burgh de Rott and board the boat on the south shore.

Booboo location

Optimal Route


Requires Drakan's medallion and assumes completion of the Myreque quest series upto The Lord of Vampyrium. Although you can follow Lex's clue order, you are not required to. You can collect all 13 toys in any order you like after you've agreed to help Lex. This route takes you to all 13 in the least amount of time.

Start by teleporting to the Canifis lodestone. Run to the Hair of the Dog inn and speak to Lex. Agree to help him find the 13 toys.

Run west to Paterdomus. Enter through the eastern door and go down the trapdoor next to Drezel. Collect Count Snugula, on top of a bookcase in this downstairs room. You may need to reclaim the Temple library key from Drezel and use it on the slot in the eastern wall.

Open the Invitation Box to teleport to the Empyrean Citadel and again to return to Brother Samwell. Head east into the temple and make your way up to the top floor. In a bed in the jail cell is Mr Bitey.

Teleport back to the Canifis lodestone and head south-east, or go to the fairy ring a•l•q and run south-west. In the centre of the haunted woods is Fangs, being held by a skeleton.

Run east (alternatively, use the Ectophial then run south around Port Phasmatys), going south of Port Phasmatys to the Araxyte Hive. Mr Puddles is by the eastern wall, just before the arena entrance.

Teleport back to the Canifis lodestone. Run south of the inn and go down the trapdoor. Run to the southern end of the tunnel and exit the cave via the wooden doors. Drakemon is hidden in the mushrooms on the east of the hollowed tree on the other side of the cave entrance.

Re-enter the tunnel, run back north through the tunnel and take the northernmost cave entrance, which leads to Ivandis' tomb. In this cave on a rock northwest of the tomb is Draccles.

If you have a Wicked hood, directly teleport to the blood altar. Otherwise, if you have 65 agility, enter the south tunnel from Ivandis' tomb room and continue running east along this tunnel, past the agility shortcut, to the blood altar. If you do not have either of these, teleport to Meiyerditch Laboratories using Drakan's medallion and head to the blood altar. My Little Vanstrom is in a coffin just west of the altar.

In the caves, run south and then east along the tunnel before heading south into a room of mutated bloodveld and finally west into the bloodveld chamber. Heartless is in the cooking range on the northern wall.

Run along the tunnel east then south through the loop into Meiyerditch Laboratories basement. Go upstairs, make your way into the Meiyerditch streets, through the tapestry, then run north-west to the ladder entrance to the Meiyerditch mine. Vamplushie is in the south-west corner of the mine on a tipped over minecart.

Use Drakan's medallion to teleport to Burgh de Rott. Go down the hole into Drakan's tomb. Vlad the Embracer is on the floor to the east of the pool of blood.

Go back upstairs, run north to the Myreque Hideout. Blushie is on a chair downstairs in the inn.

Teleport with the medallion again to Burgh de Rott, run south-east to the boat. Take the boat to the Icyene graveyard. Booboo is in a swamp tree just west of the mausoleum entrance.

Take the boat back to Burgh de Rott, then take it to Meiyerditch. Run north along the wall while staying on the western edge of the city, until you reach the walls surrounding Darkmeyer. Continue running around the castle until you are on the north side of the castle. Scare Bear is at the east end of the north wall.