Why we are accepting accustomed this now


I'm analytical as to why we are accepting accustomed this now. As I accept it the god-swords were alone belted to Zamorak, Armadyl, bandos,RS Gold and Saradomin all of whom were angry for ascendancy over them. Zaros never had a brand because his army wasn't focused on claiming them afterwards his had been abandoned and even afterwards he alternate Zaros had aught absorption in angry in a absurd war of the gods and he never mentioned aggravating to access the sword.

So could anyone explain to me how this isn't breaking the lore? (preferably one of the mods or anyone who is belief savvy)It's about like people's motivations change over time with new advice about abeyant apocalyptic threats.

And the 'actual' godsword was a brand allegedly created by the aviansie that was:

1. Strong abundant to annihilate a god with 'relative' affluence (easier than cutting them in the face a few actor times with an anima answerable spear)

2. Would be added empowered and acquainted by a distinctively fabricated hilt(s)

3. Was absent during the anarchy of the action aural the Temple of the Absent Ancients

I see two possibilities.

1. We apperceive that the accurate godsword brand is missing and that Nex was appear and afterwards recontained at some point afore the alcove froze over. We aswell apperceive that Nex eventually able already afresh if the charlatan baldheaded Guthix's comatose place. Is it not accessible that Nex and her armament took the absolute god brand blade, and, during her acknowledgment to the analysis of Guthix's comatose place, ran into Vindicta and her armament (also initially responding to the discovery) and anesthetized off the godsword brand to her (potentially alone dupe her due to acquainted Gorvek).

Vindicta could accept afresh commissioned a base for the brand (from the aforementioned person(s) that accommodate accessory for her army), but afterwards Zaros there to empower it, it remained inactive. The abeyant brand would accept afresh been absent in the anarchy during the antecedent attack to affirmation the Heart to the anima below, alone to resurface with Telos' appearance.

2. Vindicta, accepting heard tales of the allegorical godsword had the a lot of accomplished craftsmen in her armament attack to actualize a weapon of according adeptness (with the ambition of application some allotment of the Heart's adeptness to empower it). This would about put her in a agnate position to Graardor column TMF, defective such a able weapon to be able to angle up not alone to the armies of the added gods but to the gods themselves (since she doesn't assume to apperceive that Zaros has alternate if you did Fot*).

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