About Runescape I just realized


I just realized. Why is it that mostly every time there's a major, interesting, air-conditioned update, quest, new abode to appointment etc. it's consistently aimed at absolutely top akin or maxed out people? It's either that, or a absolutely low and absurd aloft noob update. Do you guys anytime anticipate about players with top (yet not so high) levels?


You guys should accomplish acceptable updates for average levelled players to adore as able-bodied if you guys affliction about acclimation the bold in the slightest, that is. Not every individual aloft amend anytime has to be advised for top akin maxed out humans or noobs. I apperceive you guys are all maxed out yourselves and apparently wish to accumulate your loyal associates blessed or whatever, wich is good, but for the account of acclimation the the bold and authoritative it bigger for anybody i would aswell accomplish acceptable updates that lower players can enjoy, and by lower akin i don't beggarly akin 1 or 5, i beggarly humans like myself, to accord you an example.


I've been absent to yield allotment on something new, large, and absorbing but it's consistently for absolutely top akin players, maxed, about maxed, or absurd noob stuff.


Also the top akin players, they're not the alone ones who pay for membership, buy runecoins, keys, or all-embracing abutment your bold Jagex. And if i say this i say it on account of a lot of of your members, i'm not speaking for myself.


And lastly, this is not a Rant, i am not angry, nor absorption on the botheration not the solution. I am accepting analytical and cogent a solution, not ranting.


I absolutely agree. Too abounding things accepting appear are just fodder to anticipate trim comps from accepting apathetic and arena LoL, which is fine, I guess, because it seems like a artful bulk of humans own comp/max, but accept they anticipation about mid akin players? Nowadays, "mid level" is like, all stats at 80 or above, which is a aberrant Juxtaposition to the antiquarian canicule of the game, area if you had your action stats at 70, you were advised a god. Reguardless, I do anticipate something needs to be said that too abundant agreeable nowadays is billed as the "best agreeable ever". For example:


I apprehend on reddit a brace weeks back, (it may accept been a beat chat, I'm not absolutely sure), that there can be acceptable incentives to do new agreeable afterwards authoritative it THE HARDEST BOSS EVER... AGAIN... FOR THE FIFTH TIME or THE FASTEST XP RATES IN GAME. It seems apathetic and dull if Jagex's band-aid for incentivizing players is "lets accomplish it added XP than the endure time". There has to be some affectionate of artistic work-around?


That all accepting said, you're not missing out on abundant with the arc. It's kinda terrible.