Jagex did a acceptable job


I am not traveling to bother with contemporary offers any more. It is a decay of time. I would acquire aloft a few levels in abilities had I not ashen all that benefit xp on Vic.


I got the absolute herblore outfit, additional a starfire mage bathrobe and a brilliant rock to advancement it to a starfury mage robe, with bxp beyond Agility, Mining, and Firemaking.


There abide humans with 10M bxp in just one accomplishment (that was me with Agility), and as Tamond mentioned, that's why xp about-face ante are altered for anniversary skill, and why the bulk of converting doubles every 200 (I anticipate it was 200) credibility purchased with bxp *within anniversary skill.*


Jagex did a acceptable job acclimation Vic the banker imo.The purpose of Vic was for the amateur to get rid of abortive benefit xp etc. It's so we don't accumulation up a mil benefit on a maxed accomplishment for instance. You are told afore you bang what the handed in benefit etc. is account AND it's absolutely voluntary. If you don't like the barter and rather accumulate the benefit afresh do so. I did.


This affair comes up every time Vic opens shop. There's an accomplished commodity on Runewiki answer it all. Read it!Ok, Area to start, area to start;


1): It should acquire been accessible it was not a 1:1 trade. That is how it has formed aback the aboriginal time he came.

2): EVERYTHING bit of advice you complained about is readily accessible if you did not just blindly bang buttons.

3): You are not accepting something you already own, the Chef Gauntlets and the Mittens are not the aforementioned item, the mittens simple acquire the Gauntlet's aftereffect if you own the Gauntlets as well. Aforementioned with several added skilling outfits. As able-bodied as that, the mittens accord 1.2% exp if commutual with the abounding set.

4): Why would Vic buy aback items? that would go adjoin the point.

5): You do are acquire to accumulate it in your bank. artlessly abort it and get it aback from Diango if you charge the set.


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