RuneScape: The First 20 Years


We’ve partnered with Dark Horse Books to bring you RuneScape: The First 20 Years, a lavishly illustrated, full-colour, hardcover book filled with insider info about the best game in the world – this one!

Dark Horse recruited Alex Calvin, the founder of PCGamesInsider, to interview all your favourite J-Mods, past and present. They also pored over 20 years’ worth of illustrations, concept art and various other bits and bobs to create a comprehensive guide to the wonderful world of Gielinor, covering both RuneScape and its precocious younger sibling, Old School RuneScape.

Check out below for a sneak peak of some of the 224 full colour pages in the book.

Page 1

<b>Page 1</b>
<b>Page 2</b>
<b>Page 3</b>
<b>Page 4</b>
<b>Page 5</b>
<b>Page 6</b> 

Or, for our most dedicated fans, we have the Deluxe Edition, featuring a black cover with foil treatments – very fancy! The final design is revealed below and comes with gilded page edges, a card slipcase, a ribbon bookmark and a hard-backed folio containing two archive-quality art prints.

The first folio print is an iconic Tim and Crunchy illustration. The second, which has just been revealed, is a battle scene from the archives featuring General Graador. Created in 2012 for a series of unused loading screens depicting the God Wars, the note on the illustration reads “The Lesser Gods opened gates between Gielinor and other neighbouring realms and brought into it new races to fight their battles”.

RuneScape: The First 20 Years Deluxe Edition - pre-order from the Official Merch Store.

Both editions will be published and available for delivery from October 2021. Keep an eye out for more details - including more sample pages - over the coming months!