This Week In RuneScape: Bug Fixes & More


We wanted to take some time this week to get various bits and bobs in the game back in shape - but don't worry! We've still got some news about Wishes, the Elder God Wars, and the results of the Rex Matriarchs Player Gallery Competition to sink your teeth into.

Elder God Wars: The Next Chapter

Following the events of Azzanadra's Quest, Gielinor is in turmoil. Friend is now foe, and the real enemy is still looming on the horizon.

So what's next? Well, we can't give the game away just yet - but we can tell you that the next chapter of the Elder God Wars storyline will be revealed this Friday.

Listen out for rumblings throughout the week, and tune in to Twitch.TV/RuneScape at 17:00 Game Time this Friday, May 21st for the full reveal. We'll see you there!

Wishes: Coming Soon!

We know that many of you are anxious to hear more about the Wishes we promised you after the Login Lockout, and we can assure you that the Ninja Team have been hard at work on them.

You can expect more news in tomorrow's livestream and we'll be sharing even more information in a dedicated newspost a little later in the week - but we can share a little bit right now.

The Wishes will arrive in the form of a Guardian's Gift, which you can open to choose the Wishes you'd like to receive.

The release is currently planned for Monday May 24th - so get that date in your diary!

Prime Gaming

Our friends at Prime Gaming have a special treat for you. For the next 10 months or so, RuneScape players who link their Prime Gaming accounts will be able to get their hands on a variety of exciting goodies.

This month's reward is 7 days of RuneScape Membership - just the ticket if you're looking to try out everything the game has to offer!

You'll be able to claim your membership from May 18th (that's tomorrow!) to June 22nd. To do so, simply link your Prime Gaming and RuneScape accounts.