Phosani's Nightmare and Tinted Hitsplats


This week introduces Phosani’s Nightmare and tinted hitsplats.

Phosani’s Nightmare

Deep below the town of Slepe, there is a cold, dark tomb. Within lies Phosani, the leader of the Sisterhood, cursed to sleep for the rest of eternity. But the arrival of The Nightmare has stirred the still air of the catacombs. Behind that heavy stone door, Phosani has begun to dream...

The dreams of a former Justiciar are a powerful resource for The Nightmare, and now she has chosen to bolster her power by entering Phosani’s mind to feast upon her dreams. The Sisterhood simply cannot allow this sacrilege. They need a strong, brave adventurer to step up and free Phosani from The Nightmare’s clutches. Are you up to the task?

For one week only, you’ll be able to fight Phosani’s Nightmare yourself by entering the portal beside Phosani’s coffin. This version of The Nightmare is tougher and scarier, and to make matters worse, you’ll have to take her on alone.

But substantial rewards await those brave enough to try the challenge. The fastest global kill time will win 6 months of Old School RuneScape membership and a signed piece of artwork featuring The Nightmare. Second place will receive 3 months of membership, and third place will receive 1 month of membership. You can double check the current fastest time on the gravestone near Phosani’s coffin. Note: The loot table for Phosani's Nightmare has not been changed.

Worried about competing with all those uber-talented streamers? Worry no more, because content creators will have access to a separate competition, in which the prize will go to one of their lucky followers. Watch their streams and cheer them on to be in with a chance to win!

Tinted Hitsplats

This one’s a blast from the past! Back in 2016 we polled the following question:

"Should the hitsplats dealt by other players be tinted to a slightly different colour to make it clear which hits are yours? This feature will be toggleable."

The engine has since been upgraded to make this feature possible, and you’ll be seeing it in-game from today. Since this project was extremely large, with some hundred bits of combat code to rewrite to accommodate the new infrastructure, we decided not to bulk it out even further by adding more features this time. In the future, though, we’d like to upgrade tinted hitsplats to include different colours for max hits, and different combat styles.

In Other News

The PvP world rota has moved to Period A. On the east of the Atlantic, the host for the High Risk PvP world will be W43, Germany. On the west of the Atlantic, the host for the Standard PvP world will be W24, USA, and for the F2P PvP world, W117, USA. The members-only LMS world will be W333, UK, and the F2P LMS world will be W469, US.

W330 is undergoing some maintenance changes and will be unavailable for a short while after the game update. We hope to have it up and running again by the afternoon and apologise for the inconvenience.
  • Juliet has tired of the cat people hanging around her home and has ended the 7th Anniversary Event.
  • A lost book about Seren has been recovered and returned to the Prifddinas Library.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where pets would not appear, and therefore could not be safely removed, on F2P worlds for activities such as Last Man Standing. From now on, upon entering a F2P world with no membership, your pet will be placed either in your Inventory, or the Bank, or Probita’s pet storage, provided that it is insurable. In the niche case that Probita’s storage is also full, the pet will remain out, and you must return to a members’ world to decide what you’d like to do with it. If your pet is not insurable, it will be removed regardless of whether you have space or not.
  • Some sacks and boxes are now referred to as ‘open’ instead of ‘opened’ for consistency.
  • A range has been moved in the house where the Falador Agility course begins, since its ‘Cook’ option kept interfering with the course.
  • A typo has been fixed in the Regicide quest dialogue regarding naphtha.
  • Increased the minimum tap zone to open the keyboard on mobile.
  • A hedge has been moved outside Thormac's tower, for symmetry.
  • Gianne's Cook Book now refers to toad battas by their usual name.
  • Snowflake's dialogue has been streamlined when she banknotes your basalt.
  • The shorter Castle Wars waiting time from last week's update no longer applies on the three themed worlds; those three have a 5-minute timer again.
  • Evil Dave now thinks black masks and black Santa hats look evil, during the Shadow of the Storm quest.