Game Improvements and Email Linking for Mobile Acc


Game Improvements

This week we’ve got changes and fixes for a variety of issues, including a balancing change to Zalcano that benefits players with higher skills, a usability change for various Treasure Trails and something to help Castle Wars games start faster. Behind the scenes, the team's making progress on the long-awaited hitsplat tinting job and the Hallowed Sepulchre of Darkmeyer.

  • Weapons that can autocast spells will now remember which melee combat style you had selected before choosing a spell. This means that if you chose the Strength option and then chose a spell to autocast, upon running out of runes the combat style will go back to Strength.
  • The dragon two-handed sword will no longer skip the targeted NPC or player when hitting multiple targets in multi-way combat areas.
  • Players are asked to stop spawning flowers in the Kalphite Queen's room. She finds the unsolicited attention creepy.
  • The damage dealt to Zalcano with tephra now scales to your Smithing and Runecraft levels.
  • A tree can no longer be chopped through the fence of the Woodcutting Guild.
  • The crystal pickaxe now consumes charges as it helps gather minerals in the Volcanic Mine (as its effect provides a slight benefit).
Getting Around
  • Jumping the rocks north of the shipwreck in Morytania no longer requires players to stand directly in front of them before clicking/tapping.
  • The damaged dagger found in a bush near the Watchtower can now slash through webs like the ones on the building nearby.
Graphical Changes
  • The birthday banners in Falador's museum now say 7 instead of 6.
  • Gold and regular trimmed versions of the steel kiteshield are now trimmed on the inside of the shield too.
  • The Seal of Passage is now positioned in the centre of the torso rather than to the side and appears in front of any armour you're wearing.
  • The top of a palm tree in Ape Atoll is no longer affected by the display roof toggle.
  • The Castle Wars preparation time has been reduced from 5 minutes to 2.
  • Items with more than one variant (e.g. Godswords with ornament kits or dragon items with a gold trim) can now be used and stored in STASH units when doing Treasure Trails. If you find other items that should be included, let us know in your feedback!
  • Wizard Sinina's dialogue now matches his chat options.
  • The Bank no longer scrolls up and down as items are dragged leftwards to the Incinerator area.
    Mobile Changes

Linking an Email Address to Mobile Accounts

Accounts created through mobile can once again be linked to an email address. This can be done through the linking feature found in the account settings tab, and will allow the same accounts to be used on desktop. We'd like to thank our mobile players for their patience regarding this fix!

The Chat Bar

Tapping in the text line of the chatbox no longer opens the keyboard when on mobile. Instead, this can be done by tapping on your display name or the speech bubble icon beside it.