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Christmas 2019

Angry children have gathered in Varrock and it seems like they’re protesting against something. But who’s that jolly looking fellow standing beside them? Why, that’s Santa! What on Gielinor is going on here?

Speak to Santa by the Varrock fountain to learn what epic quest awaits you this year. Cement your place on his nice list to earn an all-new Christmas reward – plus, you’ll also receive all of the event items from Christmasses past!

This is Mod Oasis' first project since joining the Old School team, and he has a few words:

“Christmas is always a special time, doubly so this year as I've been working on my first project for Old School. It's been a great experience working on a new piece of content for the game I’ve been playing for so many years, especially since it’s one of Old School’s iconic holiday events.

“As fun as it has been working on and developing the event, I'm even more excited to see you all playing through it. I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Hopefully you'll enjoy the touches of humour I have thrown in, as well as the return of some festive favourites – and the rewards, of course! I've learned a lot from creating this event and I'm excited to get started on my next project.

“Have a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!”

~ Mod Oasis

In Other News

The PvP World Rota is switching over to Period A. On the east of the Atlantic, the Bounty Hunter world host is W18, UK and the High Risk PvP world host is W43, Germany. On the west of the Atlantic, the Standard PvP world host is W24, USA and the F2P PvP world host is W117, USA.

The PvP rota will remain on Period A for around 4 weeks over the holiday season. Afterwards, the rota will switch to Period B and remain there for a similar length of time for fairness.

Congratulations to Jorunn, our Winter Sweepstake competition winner! You’ve won 6 months of membership!

Stay tuned for our next competition, where you can win a phone upgrade – perfect for playing Old School RuneScape Mobile!

Twisted League Rank Thresholds
  1. Dragon - 11,600
  2. Rune - 7,500
  3. Adamant - 3,810
  4. Mithril - 1,670
  5. Steel - 540
  6. Iron - 100
  7. Bronze - 10
These have jumped considerably from last week because points are now claimed automatically.
  • The Crafting skill guide now includes the silver sickle
  • The Account Management tab now updates correctly when a poll goes live
  • After using a Charter Ship, the charter NPCs will now have an option to return to the previous location


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