The war in the time of Minecraft in Runescape II


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The side shooter was clearly designed starting from Team Fortress 2, with characters that have a very high energy level, positive thing for not ensuring that the match is the ability the most important thing and the carrier classic situation "the first shoots that wins." Each player as well as the elements to be built will bring along two weapons. The confrontation is never advisable, quickly you learn to exploit the features of a world modeled at will in order to seize their opponents behind. Ballistic phases are not ugly or poorly designed, but unfortunately they can not do what is needed to excite. The same holds true for the guns that are struggling to convey an appropriate sense of power.

The weapons were balanced enough and you will not find one suitable for all occasions. Block N Load proposes a series of six character classes, each with a specific role and unique skills. You can find a soldier to be sent to the front lines to demolish the fortifications, a ninja with blades like those of Wolverine and stealth abilities, a sniper, the healer can also be placed deadly traps, the sapper useful for repairs and a robot suitable assault. The game allows for freedom and wanting you can start a game without curators, but as you can imagine in that case the clash proves faster in one direction. Teamwork is a fundamental but unfortunately not always possible.

During the various test matches it happened more times to find players who have abandoned the fight before the end. In terms of minority almost always it clash proved scored. At present developers they have not yet imposed a system of punishments to curb this factor and it turned out to be quite annoying. Another element that we missed and that we hope will be introduced shortly is an offline mode where you can practice with bots. In a game of this type after experience it is extremely important to be extremely convenient to be able to try everything that's on your mind without ruining the match to other people.

Graphically Block N Load is a simple but very nice to look at. The style is similar to that of Minecraft but the colors are significantly more alive and even the side blocky is more finished. The sound side should still expanded a bit ', soundtracks and effects accompany the clash are nice but they can not donate epic or at least add to the fun battles.

Block N Load game is a potentially very funny at the time but that still requires a fixed. If developers continue to work on adding content and resolving defects, it is very likely that within a few months we will find ourselves with a game of the first order. At present the situation is absolutely tragic and the possibilities for fun are many, but we can not only advise you to play with a team of putting preconceived done away from all the problems related to the community. At the moment it is the best experiment mix between a FPS and a minecraft, but still needs some 'optimization to make what may.

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