Runescape Mini Activity The Sacred Sages


Another wonderful ideas for new game content from a creative Runescape Gold player. This quest, mini activity and miss boss is for Summoning.It is the Sacred Sages. The lunar sages are unknown by the present day and the ordinary citizens. But now it is discovered.

Speak to a couple local citizens to start the quest. You locates the temple entrance and click "Investigate", then notive the cave-like entrance reaches much deeper and further in. You should grab rope and climbs down. Once you entering the temple entrance, you will find the lost youthful citizen who's injured.

He will show you ancient wall inscriptions, which reveal details about the Sacred Sages and of the knowledge they possessed. He tells you the place looks like an Ancient Lunar Temple and that you'll need all of your skill to find what is hidden within.

Bring a Hammer, Hatchet, Pickaxe, Tinderbox and four planks, along with three stell bars. A light on it's feet bird type pet, Squirrel, Raccoon, or Monkey will be useful.

There is rubble blocking the only path. You mine away the rubble, right click and choose"Investigate" on the rubble to think. There are steel bars and two planks you need on the ground. Click Superheat runelessly on the area where the rubble is falling from to create support rods. Use the steel rods and two planks on where the rubble is falling from, which will hammer them in place. You place your last two planks over the Big Stream, and use your agility to cross it.

You will find there are vines blocking the only path from going any further in. Chop the vines away but they begin to animate and attack you. What will this task go on? If you want to know more, log in to the Runelabs and vote for it.

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