Runescape Bounty Hunter on 4RSGOLD


This is a player-created game content needing your vote in Runelabs. Bounty Hunter, before free trade was re-introduced, there were PvP worlds known as Bounty Hunter worlds. Read carefull and see whether you are interested in this game mode.

A Bounty Hunter world would exist for both Legacy and EoC. When entering the wilderness on a Bounty Hunter world, a system would search for a target close to your combat level. You would be assigned a target, and a flashing arrow on your mini-map would direct you toward them.

A button on your screen would allow you to re-roll your target, in which case the system would clear your target and search for a new one. This would serve the same function as logging out to skip a target, without the hassle and risk of logging in and out in the Wilderness.

This button could not be used if you are attacking or under attack by your target. Be warned, however,skipping too many target will result in a penalty, in which case you will not be assigned another target for a set amount of time.

The reward system seems to work well in old school, so it would not be unwise to simply recycle it. For those of you unfamiliar with it, each time a target dies to you, you have a chance of receiving a tier 1 emblem, and if you are carrying an emblem in your inventory, it will be upgraded by one tier. If you are killed by your opponent, you will drop any emblems you are carrying, but they will downgrade by 1 tier, tier 1 emblems will remain unchaned however.

There are so many other actual rewards for you. Here we just select some of the major part of the game idea. If you want to know more, you can log in the the RS Gold Runelabs. More rs news can be found there.