Old School Easter 2015


Easter is just a few weeks away, on April 5th for most countries. For Old School RuneScape, we normally dig through the archives and resurrect you a holiday event from a previous year. Runescape Gold.In the last two years, we brought back the 2007 and 2006 Easter events.

The Easter celebration in 2005 was on a much smaller scale, with players simply handing out eggs from a basket, then receiving their rubber chicken. Although we could recreate that quite easily, it's far smaller than the holiday events from later years that we all came to know and love. Also, we already gave you the Easter Basket as a reward last Easter.

So for 2015, we'd like to offer you a new event created specifically for Old School RuneScape.


Once again, the Easter Bunny is in a bind, and is unable to deliver his chocolate eggs to the children of Gielinor. It's not his fault, though. At least, if it is his fault, he's not admitting it. This year something very odd has happened to his chocolate eggs.

They've been hatching. And the chocolate critters inside might be sweet to the taste, but their personalities are distinctly more sour, and now they're rampaging all over the Easter Bunny's warren.

The Bunny, showing his traditional level of initiative, has gone into a state of panic and barricaded himself into his office, where he's waiting for a kind adventurer to come and rescue him.

In this event, you'll need to construct yourself a suitable weapon, then go on a killing spree to blast the little critters into chocolate dust to rescue the Bunny and save Easter. Maybe you'll even be able to track down the source of the infestation...

If you've ever wanted to celebrate Easter by unloading all shades of hell on a flock of demonic chocolate chickens, your moment is at hand.


At the conclusion of the event, you'll win a chocolate bunny pet. Like the existing boss pets, it will be purely cosmetic, and you won't see the options on other players' pets, so it shouldn't get in the way.

All the untradeable Easter items from previous years' events will become available:

• Bunny ears (2003)

• Rubber chicken (2005)

• Ring of Egg (2006)

• Chicken suit (2007) including its enhanced Flap emote

• Easter Basket (2014)

You'll also receive 2 of the edible Easter Egg that first came out in RS Classic.

All these items, including the chocolate bunny pet, will be available to both members and non-members.

Poll and Development

If you like this idea, we'll put it to a poll in the next few days, and if that passes we'll release the event shortly before Easter.

We know there are other projects that you'd like us to work on too, so we've deliberately designed this event as something we can implement quickly, within just a few days, while still having the fun and nostalgia of the classic holiday events. We'd like to continue RuneScape's tradition of celebrating the holiday seasons without slowing down the bigger projects. Nevertheless, if you vote No to the event, we'll still unlock the Easter items from previous years, but without a celebratory event.