Old School Content Poll 33


World switcher

An in-game world switcher that allows you to quickly jump from one world to another without having to re-enter your login information is an update that is often requested. As such, we would like to offer it on content poll #33.

If it were to pass, 4rsgold, the world switcher would be placed in the log out tab. This would leave it easy to access without any changes being made to the gameframe.

Using this to hop worlds would, of course, have the same restrictions as logging out usually does. It would not be possible to log out in combat or any other circumstances where logging out is not usually possible.

Question: Should we add a world switcher to the log out tab that can be used to quickly hop from one world to another without having to re-enter login information?

Duel Arena Changes

We recently borrowed Mod Maz, a RuneScape 3 developer who has been developing content since 2005, to temporarily come over to the Old School team to help out with a few projects while we look for a new, permanent content developer. She has been working on bringing the duel arena up to speed and making it as robust as possible.

As well as making the duel arena a more solid piece of content, we would like to offer a couple of changes and new features to make dueling and staking a more pleasant experience.

Extending the challenge area

The area in which you can challenge people to duels currently starts quite far into the grounds of the duel arena. We would like to change this so it is possible to challenge others to duels anywhere within the fenced bounds of the duel arena.

Use previous rules & use saved rules

A highly requested feature for the duel arena is the ability to select a particular set of rules in a single click. Such a feature can easily help reduce any risk of scams taking place at the duel arena as well as speeding up the process of getting into duels in general.

We would like to offer the ability to both select the rules used in the previous duel as well as the ability to save a custom set of rules and use these rules in a single click.

Question: Should we extend the bounds of the challenge area at the duel arena to include the every part of the duel arena grounds?

Question: Should we add an option to the duel arena challenge interface that allows you to select the rules used in your previous duel in a single click?

Question: Should we add an option to the duel arena challenge interface that allows you to save the currently selected rules and select them in a single click in future duels?

Additional Grand Exchange slots

When creating the Grand Exchange, Mod Ash made sure to leave room for additional slots in the future. As a simple quality of life update, we would like to expand the number of Grand Exchange slots from 6 to 8.

This upgrade would not impact free-to-play users who would still only have access to the usual 2 Grand Exchange slots.

Question: Should we increase the number of Grand Exchange slots from 6 to 8? This would not affect free-to-play.

Additional Dagannoth King Features

The Dagannoth Kings are one of the most popular bosses in Old School. Offering both a challenging fight and some excellent rewards, there is a constant flow of players making their way through the dungeon of Waterbirth Island to take on the beasts.

With how busy it can become, we would like to offer a couple of small, quality of life features to make life a little easier when it comes to finding an available world.

Checking for players

In order to make it a simpler task to see if a world is free, we would like to offer an option on the ladder that takes you down to the Dagannoth Kings that will let you know how many players are currently in the boss room. This would make the process of hopping around worlds and finding an empty one both simpler and less disruptive to the players already killing the bosses.

Additional Dagannoth Kings' lair

We would also like to offer access to a second Dagannoth King lair. By paying Askeladden, found at the top of Waterbirth Island, a one-off fee of 500,000 coins you would unlock access to this additional lair permanently. This lair would not be instanced but would be entirely separate from the existing set of Dagannoth Kings, effectively doubling the number of available bosses on any world.

Question: Should an option be added to the ladder leading into the Dagannoth Kings' lair that allows you to check how many players are currently in the boss room?

Question: Should we add an additional Dagannoth Kings' lair that can be unlocked by paying Askeladden, found on the top of Waterbirth Island, 500,000 coins?

Ring of the Gods (i)

The Ring of the Gods is the signature drop of Vet'ion, one of the wilderness bosses released with the wilderness rejuvenation project. It currently provides stats +1 to all defensive stats and +3 prayer bonuses. While this is useful in a few places, the usefulness of the ring is not always considered to be representative of how difficult it can be to attain.

We would like to offer an imbue to the ring to make it more appealing to use. The imbue would have the following effects and would require Nightmare Zone points and a holy wrench to unlock:

• The prayer bonus of the ring would be increased to +4.

• The imbued ring provides the same effect as the holy wrench, increasing the prayer restored by prayer potions, super restore potions and Sanfew serum.

We feel that this imbue effect will add a reasonable amount of value to the ring while still keeping it well balanced. It also gives some additional value to the holy wrench which is often less useful than simply bringing along an extra potion.

Question: Should we allow the ring of the gods to be imbued, giving an additional +1 prayer bonus as well as the passive effect of the holy wrench? This would be purchasable from Nightmare Zone and would require a holy wrench in your inventory.

Multiple clue scroll changes

Recently, we made a change to clue scrolls to prevent players dropping lower tiered clue scrolls in order to reduce the number of steps required to complete an elite clue scroll. 4rsgold,While this has worked and this is no longer possible, it has also had the impact of sometimes extending the lower tiered clue scrolls to the number of steps that an elite clue scroll might have.

We would like to get rid of this problem completely by allowing players to have one clue scroll of each tier rather than restricting them to simply one clue scroll. This would mean that you could have an easy, medium, hard and elite clue scroll at the same time, but never two of the same difficulty.

This change would prevent the different lengths of clue from interfering with each other while also serving as quite a nice quality of life update for clue scrolls in general.

Question: Should the limitation on how many clue scrolls you can own be changed from one clue scroll to one clue scroll of each tier? This would ensure that all clue scrolls have the correct number of steps.

Farming Tweaks

Over the past few months we have had a fair few quality of life requests for Farming. We'd like to offer a few of these relatively small changes in content poll #33.

Question: Should the option on farming patches to rake, clear, cure and prune be made the left-click option?

Question: Should the Tool Leprechaun be able to convert weeds to bank notes?

Question: Should the aggressive vampire that often wanders into the Canafis farming patch be prevented from doing so?

Question: Should the examine option on compost bins show how full they are?

Question: Should the Tool Leprechaun found at the farming patches just south of Falador be moved closer to the farming patches?

Other questions

Question: Should we remove the 200 Defence experience given for mounting Kalphite Queen and King Black Dragon heads in player owned houses?

Question: Should the teleport to Sherlock, a reward for completing the Elite Kandarin achievement diary, be given unlimited daily uses?

Question: Should a right-click option to open the holiday items interface be added to Diango?

Question: Should a right-click 'Pay' option be added to the Blast Furnace Foreman?

Question: Should a right-click 'Repair' option be added to Bob in Lumbridge?

Question: Should a bank deposit box be added to the bank in Nardah?

Question: Should the upgraded Iban staff be named Iban staff (u), rather than Iban staff?

Question: Should the minigame list, found inside the quest and achievement diary tab, be ordered alphabetically?

Question: Should we add an option to clear your private messages? This would be found as a right-click option where you currently toggle your private chat to on, friends or off.

Question: Should the Karamja gloves 4, received after completing the Karamja Elite achievement diary, be able to teleport you to Duradel?

As always we will be taking all of your feedback into consideration before content poll #33 goes live so be sure to let us know what you think! Whether it is here on the forums, through Twitter or anywhere else you can get the message to us, we want to hear what you have to say.