Runescape Memory of Nomad


Memory of Nomad is a weekly distraction and diversion available after completion of Nomad's Elegy.

The Memory of Nomad is essentially a Hard mode version of the fight in Nomad's Elegy. While most of the mechanics are the same as in the normal fight, there are a few new mechanics, especially at the final phase. There are no interludes, so you do not control Xenia, Death and Icthlarin in their respective roles. There are also no checkpoints, so all four phases must be completed in one go.

The memory of Nomad can be fought as often as the player likes, but only the first successful kill will give rewards. This can be reset with a weekly D&D token, allowing a second rewarded kill that week.
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Nomad has four phases, each of which has 200,000 life points. After completing each phase, the player's life points are fully healed. A deathtouch dart only kills one phase. The arena cannot be teleported out of, but during the first three phases the fight can be exited by using the stairs at the entrance (south side of the arena). Phase four is inescapable - you either win or die.

In the first three phases, Nomad attacks with a long-range typeless attack which can deal up to 2000 damage. This damage can be blocked (but not healed from) by Resonance and reduced by a defender or the Lucky perk. In all phases, if the player uses Soul Split, Nomad will rapidly and repeatedly heal 10,000 life points.

During all four phases, Gielinor will occasionally use a special attack:

    Four purple beams will fly into the sky, showing shadows where they will land - on and around the player - dealing 850 magic damage rapidly if stood in or adjacent to. This can be reduced by using Protect/Deflect Magic and can be blocked with Devotion/Devoted/etc, or simply moved away from.
    Five red bombs are shot out (commonly after Gielinor attacks, but can be at any time), showing shadows where they will land. They deal 2000 magic damage each if the player is on or adjacent to the landing spot, and cannot be blocked at all, so they should be avoided by moving away.

For the first three phases Nomad has incrementing mechanics:

    In phase one, Nomad will periodically teleport the player to the center of the bridge and call Gielinor to attack. This is a melee attack which can do over 3000 damage, but is entirely blocked by Protect/Deflect Melee. Quick reactions (via Surge or running) can also move out from under the attack. (Gielinor will often follow-up with red bombs.)
    In phase two, in addition to the above, Nomad will occasionally teleport to either end of the bridge and ask "Can you withstand my wrath" while charging an attack which does 7500 typeless damage if it hits the player. This attack can be blocked by moving behind a pillar at either end of the bridge, or by using Resonance or Barricade. As a last resort, Debilitate will halve the damage it does to 3750.
    In phase three, in addition to the above, at 100,000 life points Nomad will summon a clone. While the clone is active, Nomad's other mechanics attacks will stop, but Gielinor will still fire red bombs and purple beams. Both Nomad and his clone have 100,000 life points. If Nomad is killed, the next phase will start instantly, but if the clone is killed, the real Nomad must also be killed, and Nomad regains his other mechanics for the remainder of the phase. It is unknown if there is a way to tell the difference between Nomad and the clone.
        The Nomads can be lured on top of each other by hiding behind a pillar at the end of the bridge. This makes them much easier to hit with multi-target attacks such as Corruption Blast, Hurricane, and so on. Additionally, as the other mechanics are halted, and the end of the bridge has more room to dodge Gielinor's attacks, this is an ideal time to use Sunshine/Death's Swiftness if using magic/ranged.
    During the fourth phase, Nomad drops all of his other mechanics (though Gielinor continues to use the bombs and beam), traps himself and the player between two soul walls on the bridge, and uses exclusively fast melee combat. Each attack can deal over 3000 melee damage. If the player has a protection/deflection prayer active, Nomad will occasionally say "You're alone here [player]", deactivating it and preventing it from being re-activated for a few seconds. During this phase, it is crucial to re-activate the prayer as soon as possible, and while it is deactivated, things like Resonance, Debilitate, Reflect, even Barricade should be used to mitigate damage, as without prayer, Nomad can very easily hurt you faster than you can eat. As Nomad's other mechanics are disabled, this is a good time for Sunshine/Death's Swiftness.

Once phase four is defeated, Nomad will teleport to the center and collapse. You will be teleported back to the gates of Icthlarin's castle.


Magic or melee are the preferred styles, as magic provides a better chance of blocking melee damage in the final phase, as well as being able to attack from range, and melee has strong area-of-effect abilities for taking out the clone quickly, as well as the scrimshaw of vampyrism which can significantly reduce healing needed. The higher the tier of equipment you bring, the better.

Bringing a main-hand and shield/defender as a switch is recommended for phase three and four.

Supreme overloads, a brawler/runic accuracy aura, and a pack yak filled with food are all suggested things to bring to improve success chances.
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Upon defeating the memory of Nomad on phase 4, the memory will surrender. After a short dialogue, you will be teleported out to outside the fortress gate. The "bounty" (reward) can be accessed by clicking on one of the two chests next to it.

Multiple rewards are received in a manner similar to Raids. His drops come from four places: one stack of charms, one stack of items from the supplies table, 4-6 drops from the other rewards table, and any awarded soul capes.
Soul capes

Defeating the memory of Nomad quickly rewards various soul capes. These will always be awarded if the player doesn't own that cape and reaches the milestone - this is how they are re-obtained if lost. Capes are only awarded on a rewarded kill - times are not noted for unrewarded kills, so capes cannot be earned there. The capes are placed in the reward chest when the fight is completed.

Completing a reward kill with using a mahjarrat aura or deathtouched dart will only award the cyan cape. The first successful kill made while also having The Ravensworn title unlocked will award the Ravensworn cape override.