Runecape The Arc Chapter 2


Exploration and rewards are the name of the game as a boatload of fresh Eastern Lands content arrives in RuneScape.

The Arc chain is complete with four new islands to discover, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Read on for details about new armour, titles, cosmetics and pets that await you.

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New Eastern Lands Content & Rewards

RuneScape members only.

To access the Arc islands, you need to have completed the miniquest “Impressing the Locals.” Speak to Trader Stan in Port Sarim to begin. To access Cyclosis you must have unlocked it in Player-Owned Ports.

Miniquests will have individual requirements.

Recommended Skill levels

Level 86 Farming

Level 90+ Woodcutting, Divination, Mining, Hunting, Fishing or Slayer

Even if you don’t meet any of these requirements, the contract masters will always find something for you to do for chimes!

Visit four new Arc locations (Cyclosis, Goshima, The Islands That Once Were Turtles & Tuai Leit) that now complete the island chain.

Take part in a series of miniquests that span these new locales as you uncover more lore about this mysterious corner of Gielinor – you might even earn a new title for your troubles.

Get stuck into brand new skilling opportunities throughout the Eastern Lands as more skills become available to train there. Level up your Farming by foraging a new selection of mushrooms and berries. Skill the heck out of your Divination at moai heads. Pickpocket the citizens of Waiko and Cyclosis for little Thieving boosts.

All these and even more skill spots await your discovery in both the Arc and the Uncharted Isles with new contracts also available from Sojobo in Waiko.

Moai Heads

Today’s update is also about giving you awesome rewards to discover. Without giving all away, here are some picks of the bunch.

Get your hands on the final parts (gloves + boots) of the Tier 85 Tetsu , Seasinger and Death Lotus sets , allowing you to finally complete the armours and unlock their set bonuses .

Fans of Hunter rejoice - there are some fresh threads to boost your prowess too. The new Hunter’s outfit, available from the rewards vendor in Waiko, adds 6% XP to your Hunter training and can also stack with yaktwee stick for a total of + 11% XP.

Hunter's Outfit

If cosmetics are your thing, collect orokami masks as drops from their namesakes in the Uncharted Isles. These are tradeable outside of the Arc, too.

There is also a new Invention blueprint in the Waiko reward shop. Get yourself enough currency and purchase the plan for a crystal siphon which lets you siphon crystal tools as if they were Tier 90 equipment!

New messages in bottles await discovery too, with the chance to grab the title the Castaway when you complete them all.

Additionally, there is a new Arc Discovery Journal which replaces your Waiko tourist brochure if you have it. Fill it out and earn rewards in the process. Do this by talking to the various Arc NPCs who will send you off to find and catalogue the various creatures and plant species that inhabit these strange lands.

As you go, you’ll get XP lamps, as well as aforementioned Farming XP that is up for grabs for foraging mushrooms and berries.

A bird pet is up for grabs too for finding all the journal’s birds. We can’t wait to see what else you discover!

If you didn’t have a Waiko tourist brochure, pick up the journal from Sharkborne on Waiko.


Getting around in the Eastern Lands is also easier than ever. From today, supplies are cheaper (as low as 10 chimes each if you have all the upgrades), allowing you to more easily access the Uncharted Isles.

With today’s update you will find you have 50 free supplies from Rosie the Chandler.

After this, Rosie will continue to accrue 5 supplies per day, holding a maximum if 50. You no longer need to check back with her every single day – you can simply pick them up when you want to.

We’ve also introduced up to 20 customisation slots for your own island. Decorate until your heart’s content or consider adding the mysterious new tortle portal – charge them up, add one or several to your island, and see where they can take you.

Additionally, there have been tons of balance improvements and general changes to the Eastern Lands. Check out Mod Shauny’s handy mega-thread for a full list of these.

As always with the Eastern Lands we want this to be as much about what you discover and unlock as possible. Let us know your feedback on the forum.


The RuneScape Team

Patch Notes

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