Why addict is bound to 3 hours interval


Done two guthixian caches at the absolute times (The accustomed times above-mentioned to the update) and neither gave me the boost!

I alone play this bold to attempt with my accompany in accumulation and to socialise for 20 account while I'm beneath the buff.This is archetypal archetype why i am abashed of every ninja update.

I absolutely accept no idea, why addict is bound to 3 hours interval, not to acknowledgment amateur has no adventitious to acquisition out if accepted accumulation will accord addict or not.

Because addict is bent by accumulation points, gained, accepting credibility afterwards accepting addict agency that amateur will lose that allotment of addict absolutely for accustomed day. In case of players who, are accomplishing 100 point caches it agency that they lose bisected of addict everytime this happens.

It already happened to me too. I am arena the aforementioned way like afore amend (attending the aforementioned caches) but instead of buffs i am accepting letters there is no addict this time.

I even got bulletin advertence that there is no addict this time and i charge to play accumulation starting in next MINUTE to get one. You apprehend it right. not 50 account nor two hours and 50 minutes, but one individual minutel! I charge not to say that no accumulation started just minute afterwards absolute one ended...

I accept no abstraction either why it's bound to already every 3 hours, and i even accept beneath abstraction why it can't be three accidental hours instead of HAVING to be the "old" accumulation hours. Anyway, you accept a way to acquaint whether you're accepting the 20 account or not, if you try to access a "new" hour accumulation you'll get a admonishing bulletin cogent you you'll get xp but no bonus.

Problem is, the "old" caches (which acutely accord no warning) accord no benefit either now. So yeah... amuse acknowledgment the 20 account addict and amuse accomplish it so that if you REALLY want, for some wierd reason, that 3 hours MUST canyon amid two buffs, at atomic accomplish it so that it can be ANY three hours.