Runescape Win 250 Million Gold Combat Changes for Bosses Gossamer Outfit


Together we have hit the epic milestone of 250 million created RuneScape accounts! To celebrate, any player can log in to enter a daily draw for 250 million gold - see below for details.

Also this week, check out the Combat Council’s recent improvements to some issues affecting bossing, all based on your feedback. Be sure to read on for a look at the Gossamer Outfit that has arrived in Solomon’s Store too.
250 Million Gold Draw – a new winner every day this week!

Now that we've hit 250 million created accounts, it’s time for some golden giveaways.

One RuneScape player every day this week (Monday 12th September to Sunday 18th September inclusive) will be selected to receive 250 million gold!

Simply logging in on a given day enters you into that day’s draw.

The draw is for both free players and RuneScape members. To be eligible, your account must have been created before Monday 12th September 2016. Ironman accounts are not eligible.

To check if you have won, keep an eye on our social media channels Twitter + Facebook and your in-game inbox.

Winners will be notified the day after they have won.

Please note that due to the working hours at Jagex, winners from Friday, Saturday and Sunday will not be notified until Monday 19th September.

Log in and enter every day for the best chance to win this awesome amount of in-game riches. Good luck and thanks for helping push RuneScape towards this fantastic achievement.
Combat Changes – preventing boss walking & defence debuff changes to bosses

This week some changes have been made by the combat council to issues that were effecting the playability and enjoyment of many boss fights in RuneScape.

Firstly, we have removed some of the initial anti-walk solutions that were implemented for certain bosses and instead, we have replaced this with a better baseline solution. Walking detracted from certain bosses’ intended difficulty and now we have a more complete system.

Secondly we have toned down the effectiveness of some of the defence-debuffing items.

For full details of these changes and for a place to leave any feedback you have, see the developer blog on the forums.
Solomon’s Store - Gossamer Outfit

Fresh from the Fae series comes the Gossamer Outfit, spun from the finest lightweight threads that Gielinor has to offer. Gossamer Compilation

Pick it up from Solomon’s Store and inject your wardrobe with a dose of fairy fierceness.
Gossamer Outfit Female
Patch Notes

For the patch notes for this week’s update, see the thread on the forums.
This week’s live streams

Watch streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel. Check the YouTube channel, too, for videos you may have missed, including our amazing Stats and Analytics stream.

This week, it’s all about RuneFest!
Tuesday, September 13th| 16:00 Game Time | The Road to RuneFest and Dagannoth Kings rework Q&A

Find out more about what you can expect from RuneFest and the live stream – and get a sneaky preview of what our Dagannoth Kings rework will look like.
Saturday, September 17th | 09:30 Game Time | RuneFest Direct

On Saturday, the fun really begins. Set your alarms and make sure you’ve cleared your diaries – this year’s RuneFest stream promises to be the biggest and best yet.

We’ll be showing all the action from the Main Stage, as well as giving you some exclusive sofa sessions with your favourite JMods, video makers and streamers – and, of course, you can win some amazing gear and goodies in our stream competitions too.
In Other News
The Beach event has ended

It is once again time to put away the spades and buckets for another year - the Lumbridge Beach event has been tidied away. We hope you enjoyed fun in the sun.
RuneFest Pet – watch the stream on Saturday 17th September for your chance to get it!

The Foo Lion pet will be available in RuneFest goodie bags for those of you lucky enough to be joining us on Saturday. Additionally, the Foo Lion pet will be available in limited numbers for those watching on stream too.

Please note - the RuneFest goodie bag version of the pet also comes with an exclusive additional skin for those who attended the event.
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Have a great week and best of luck in the draw!