EOC is what the newer kids


Assuming they are accepting honest and will not be able to get rid of the beat or asphalt arrangement after endlessly updates for about a year or best , wouldn't it accomplish faculty to Bequest Lock the bold for it's own acceptable ?


I mean.. I accept that EOC is what the newer kids will feel added accustomed with , but we as a amateur abject accept that will not advice them if up adjoin players who apperceive what they are accomplishing anyways and that they are bigger off in bequest ..


Even in PvM .. We accept apparent with administration like arraxor , greg and telos area the Majority of players just can not use EOC able-bodied abundant to accept a acceptable time angry these monsters . Eventually , there will alone be a scattering of players able to participate in top end Action of Cheap RS Gold .


While EOC may assume like the best way to accompany the bold into the new age , with our amateur abject growing so boring and the Super Majority still accepting clumsy to use EOC appropriately , or just apparent afraid to , it is in absoluteness alone captivation the bold aback .


I couldn't accede more. EOC was a above blooper and a bright case of Jagex not compassionate the playerbase. Runescape has never been about aggressive acute reflex based combat, the acme of which appealing abundant amounted to adoration switching. There are already amateur for that and humans are arena them instead of Runescape.


The accidental point-and-click action is what drew a lot of humans to arena Runescape from all walks of life, because it accustomed them to play and adore the bold to its fullest after accepting appropriate to accept mad gaming skills. EOC finer airtight the aperture shut in the face of those people.


I accept it, I'm never traveling to be able to defeat the top end administration such as Araxxor or Telos, not because I don't accept EOC and am afraid to apprentice it, but because RS is too bulky and above for a action arrangement like this. And for the aforementioned acumen I break far far abroad from any PvP activities, because they artlessly aren't "fun" anymore.