No Runescape amateur on earth


Why do you even bother JageX by developing Zulrah calibration fishing. On cardboard its a abundant idea, but in absoluteness it didnt plan out as u anytime intended. Zulrah calibration fishing needs a huuuuuuuge addict to even become a applicable buff. And if i said huge addict i dont beggarly a 10% addition to what it is now, i dont beggarly 20% i didnt beggarly 50% i beggarly 100% addict or Cheap RuneScape gold added for it even to be account it.

Was this your way of nerfing Zulrah? Gotta appear up with something bigger again instead of abacus something to the bold thats gonna be asleep agreeable appropriate off the bat. Fishing monkfish for money and again powerfishing is added assisting and bigger xp than Zulrah calibration fishing. This isnt even a applicable advantage by any means, so no1s gonna do it. Addict the Zulrah scales u get from fishing with like 100-200% and addict the XP u get from calibration fishing with 50-100% contrarily this is a huge decay of time. Im not allurement u to add things to the bold thats OP or annihilation like that or for all anew implemented things to be the best, im allurement you to accomplish the things u add a acceptable or a applicable option, but its none of that currently.

No amateur on apple would do scales for anything.

People that wish XP: Powerfishing/Leaping

People that wish money/afking: Dark Crabs

People that wish a mix of the above: Monkfish

Nowtheres no players larboard to do Zulrah calibration fishing. Feelsbadman.

Also the pools change so quickly, so may wanna attending into authoritative them move a little beneath frequent.

Scale fishing doesnt charge a little buff, it needs a HUGE addict to even become somewhat relevant.

Zulrah calibration fishing? Acceptable on cardboard - Abhorrent in reality. But now it looks like you** approved to do something to nerf Zulrah - but it didnt plan out, not even a little bit. The bulk of scales havent afflicted the slightest, still to this day one of the a lot of constant items in price.

Also accede that Zulrahs raw bluff drops in fact dead this adjustment of fishing from what acclimated to be a applicable advantage for money.

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