My animosity are hurt


Oh so now your aback to arguing that RS Gold those who almost did Raids on Sunday should accept never been raiding.

Why?Because there shouldn't be a "my animosity are hurt" debuff for bosses. If we wish to accomplish up a pretend arrangement for allegory area a bang-up requires a adequacy account of X, fabricated up of your skill, gear, levels, that's what the accepted is.

If KBD needs a adequacy account of 1000, and your rotations with abilities, rune armor, and akin 55 stats add up to 900, you shouldn't be able to KBD alone.

If you advancement your weapon, levels, and accessory to adeptness 1000 and can do it, bang you can. Someone abroad adeptness accept your lower stats but be acceptable at dps, and accordingly able to do it with lower levels by accepting bigger accomplishment to adeptness 1000.

There's annihilation arbitrary about that.

If raids crave 5000, and a lot of of the competent teams were at 8000 while strugglers almost anesthetized 5000, afresh whatever. In this case, however, jagex patched dreadnips which were artificially abacus 2000 to your score, that still leaves all the competent teams able-bodied aloft 5000, and it's actual bright a ton of humans able to do it ahead were boilerplate abreast the advised levels of skill.

If the devs briefly anticipation nips were okay, but accomplished in convenance they were gamebreaking and patched it afterwards months of searching for the antecedent of the problem, that does not baptize anybody to a bang-up nerf.

Theres some humans on this thead who in actuality abutment the dreadnip and cade alleviate nerf because they wish rs to be harder!

If acclimation brokenly ** agreeable makes the bold harder, so be it. If the "hardest" agreeable in the bold is calmly done by humans who time and afresh prove that they go off the abysmal end of "utterly incompetent" there is an issue.

Also if u wish rs to be harder afresh dont nerf the players, just addict the boss.

Sometimes it isn't the bang-up that's imbalanced, it's the player. Alteration the bang-up abandoned fixes the bang-up and not the added agreeable the amateur breaks to sell runescape gold.