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To stop others accepting a shot

I'm not accusatory that they are finishing adventure lines. If they were giving aggregate instalments, fine. But it is the aforementioned alternation accepting assets afterwards assets whilst others who accept patiently been cat-and-mouse years - Floor 61 back 2010, Gnomes & Pirates back 2011, Rite of Passage back 2013 - yet it is the Myreque alternation that gets MORE assets afterwards just accepting an instalment in 2015.


People accept been cat-and-mouse years for a adventitious but these aren't even polled whilst Myreque get two. Aswell they afflicted the rules center through. It won one in the poll afresh if it was in production, they started this drive nonsense. Absolute BS. You can't change things afterwards you won already to stop others accepting a attempt and alarm it fair.


I'm appealing abiding they chose the Vampire alternation because of the after-effects of a poll. I bethink a poll that had the abeyant quests you mentioned. Voted for Floor 61 but it came in endure or something.


If Mm2 does absolutely able-bodied in Old School Runescape gold, Do you anticipate that rs3 could get it too?


Mod Kelpie: Doubtful. In the aforementioned way Zeah will not be added to RS3. No acumen we can't do added monkey quests, but it wont be like for like. Would be appealing arid to just echo the aforementioned adventure I think.


Also, how is this a accepted approaching update?


People are in actuality accusatory that Jagex are assuredly finishing a story-line after a 5-10 year gap in between?? That's like allurement for amber ice-cream afresh accusatory that you didn't get boilerplate afore it...


Couldn't say it better. Yes, there are added adventure curve that remained dry for a continued time - But at atomic they're accomplishing it appropriate now with the sliske (with alone a few months amid anniversary quest) and the vampyre one. If they were to do this with added adventure curve as able-bodied aggregate would be fine...


Ideally they will accomplishment the absolute 5th age adventure curve now and do new ones like the sliske one - this way they could plan with absolutely a few adventure curve and accepting stand-alone quests as fillers.


Wtf they gave javaskool monket carelessness 2!!!? What in the absolute f... Is this aboriginal a new abstemious and afresh this and actuality we get islands of the easternlands as big als priff or even abate lmao...


I deceit acquaint if what you're adage is acceptable or bad. Are you adage that it's acceptable that they get a new abstemious and adventure while we get Eastern Lands and Prifdinnas?


Also quests are easier to accomplish in Old School additional they aren't belted by the belief back the Sixth Age apple accident being wasnt till 2013.


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