I Am active a Lenovo Laptop


I'm active a Lenovo Laptop at 1980x1080 with Nvidia 860m 4gb VRAM + 16gb RAM.


Solid 60 fps if aggregate is loaded with adaptive VSYNC and abreast max graphics. GPU temps are ~65 which is what I run on beneath games. I run to W2 GE and everyman I biconcave was 44fps which bound rose aback up to 60.


With max cartoon I dip to 30 fps and temps ~70 beneath accustomed circumstances - Cheap rs gold.


Under Java, I would get 30 fps maxed with temps ~45-55.Tried bribery with the cartoon options.


- VSync is a must, back accepting it off after-effects in 100% GPU usage. Adaptive or On works.


- HBAO is the greatest offender, ambience AO to SSAO or Off seems to abate GPU acceptance the most.


- No achievement aberration amid High and Ultra AA quality. Ambience it to Medium helps absolutely a bit. Can't see abundant of a beheld aberration amid Medium and Ultra. FXAA drops the acceptance about as abundant as Medium vs Ultra MS*A, but the beheld superior is awful.


- Can't see abundant of a beheld aberration amid High and Ultra Water, helps a bit.


- Draw ambit can be alone to High with little beheld appulse (distant altar are non-interactible, and the camera is usually pointing hardly downwards so you're not absolutely searching far into the ambit anyway, but this one is up to claimed preference).


Other options either abundantly appulse beheld superior or don't affect acceptance much.


On a hardly OC'd 570, Ultra preset (with Adaptive VSync) after-effects in ~75% acceptance at 80+°C.


Currently afflicted to High draw distance, Medium AA, High Water, and SSAO. Acceptance about ~50%, temperatures about ~70°C (though my fan contour is hardly added aggressive), and I'd say it looks as acceptable as Ultra (aside from the draw ambit which rarely matters).


EDIT: Forgot to mention, but I'm arena in 1230x1050 windowed approach could cause fullscreen would be a decay of awning amplitude on a 21:9 monitor.


Is it accessible to add a anatomy limiter advantage instead of vsync. I accept a 144Hz adviser and it's causing my video agenda to plan at abounding amount constantly. The gpu admirers accumulate active at max acceleration authoritative the computer complete like a exhaustion cleaner. It's absolutely irritating, a fps limiter in the next application would be nice. Possibly one for 30 frames and one for 60?