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The refiners are worth

Frankly Clutter Refiners are Clutter themselves and deserve a rework. But I anticipate it would be benign if they formed as a agnate to compared to the RS Gold Scavenging perk. this advantage allows you to acquisition accidental apparatus through PvM with the bigger versions of the advantage acceptance you to added frequently acquisition bigger components.


With that said you could accept 3 different, STACKABLE IN BANK, tiers of the Clutter Refiner based on the blazon of bar that you used.


Mithril Bar acclimated while authoritative the refiner would crop the aforementioned furnishings of Scavenging 1

Adamant Bar acclimated while authoritative the refiner would crop the aforementioned furnishings of Scavenging 2

Rune Bar would crop the aforementioned furnishings as Scavenging 3


That would acquiesce humans who haven't absolutely apart the college coffer apparatus to alleviate something that they could use appropriate again and there and would acquiesce the college levels to accomplish something advantageous out of their clutter rather than the aforementioned aesthetic apparatus that the top akin Inventor ability in actuality accept a use for.


The actuality that they aren't stackable in coffer is a actual sad about-face off as well, but authoritative them stackable (as continued as they are unused) would animate humans to accomplish them as well. as it sits appropriate now i would charge ~65 refiners to go through the 85k clutter that i accept at this moment and the 65 coffer spaces could be acclimated for abundant bigger things than a actual poor way of ambidextrous with a botheration and not absolutely analytic the botheration added so as putting it about else.


Also this would accord a better, bulk effective, way to use the 50 crafted locations that are appropriate to accomplish the refiner. if in absoluteness with the aforementioned bulk i could accomplish 10 weapon gizmos or 10 armour gizmos a lot of acceptable acquiescent added apparatus xp and the achievability of accepting abundant bigger allowances to abode on the gizmos than i would get if i were to use Aesthetic Components.


All in all, I abandoned dont anticipate that the refiners are account application as the accepted accolade is as about as advantageous as the clutter itself.


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