Runescape Treasure Hunter Flight of the Butterflies


Open Treasure Hunter from 00:00 UTC on the 24th March until 23:59 UTC on 28th March to enjoy Flight of the Butterflies where you can unlock a new cape, teleport and more.

How to Play

To get involved, simply open Treasure Hunter to bring up Flight of the Butterflies. When you first log in you’ll be given a quick tutorial to explain the basics and how you can get involved. If you take part in the event, you will be able to claim your first prize for free!

Once you have claimed your free prize, you will be able to travel around the butterfly to unlock further prizes by clicking on adjoining nodes. You will be able to go back on yourself but each move will require a Key, so plan your journey wisely.

Visiting the inner wing nodes at the end of each path gets you prizes at least the matching colour level of rarity, and you may be lucky enough to get something even better!

You can go continue to do circuits of the nodes (or 'prestige') when you have visited all of the nodes on the interface once. Once you’ve prestiged, you can claim your prestige prize and complete the butterfly again for more rewards as well as upgrading the special prizes. Every time you prestige, you will also be rewarded with unique items, starting with the Aurelian cape.

You can only claim the prizes from these special nodes once per prestige, so prestige as far as you can to get the most awesome rewards. Prestige level 1 starts with 2 yellow prizes, and each time you prestige, it upgrades the amount or quantity of these prizes, until each prestige has 4 red prizes available!


The Aurelian cape comes with four charges - one of which can be activated in a day to release a butterfly for XP in your lowest skill (excluding Invention).

Advance through a couple more prestige levels and you'll unlock a necklace, which when worn with the cape, improves the XP gained from the cape by a further 10%.

Advance to five prestige levels and you will be rewarded with a unique butterfly teleport unlock which can be activated and used accordingly as a home or quick teleport.

Please Note: If you are a free player, you will not be able to use the cape and the jars for XP.

There is also a chance that you could win a Butterfly Token which can be used to instantly finish off the remaining nodes and prestige you to the next level. You will not receive any additional prizes from the nodes that are completed with the Butterfly Token. Keep your eyes peeled for these, as they'll help you claim your prestige prizes even quicker!