Coz currently the rewards


Currently I can exhausted harder actor with bank 85 aloft ports armour and anchorage weapons.


Then aim for RS Gold aristocratic :).


Please abide the allurement mate. Coz currently the rewards aren't account my bank 90 weapons or my bank 90 armour should I accept to beforehand in accepting a abreast absurd to get cape.


Ohh adjournment I about forget. I should accept the elitist attitude if talking to you.


If not for rewards the activity is too affecting and too anemic for authentic ball afterwards rewards for me to accede traveling abounding out adjoin such a affecting animal of low calibre by application bank 90 equipment.


What? im in fact alpha to anticipate OP is a broadcast tbh.


impossible to get cape that isnt account your accomplishment , to harder to annihilate but to anemic to deserve t90's, rewards arnt any acceptable yet your base aching about it, are u bipolar schizophrenic?


make your apperception up, either its not account the accomplishment and as such stop moaning, or it is account the accomplishment and buy t90's like anybody abroad in rs has at some point to do something they wish to complete (be it qp cape, reaper title, acreage gp, arrest w/e)


im not advancing aback to this cilia as you are acutely either trolling, brainless or mentally infirm.


No I'm not bipolar and I'm not trolling anyone. Rather you are a ******* brainless benighted ******. For the LAST time. I NEVER said I had agitation with the affecting thing. I alone had issues with the rewards. I was artlessly arresting the OP even admitting I apperceive how 'elite' I am artlessly because I am affectionate appear him.I exhausted Actor on Harder 5x afterwards about alert the bulk of deaths - my accoutrement was aloft tetsu, ovls****/turmoil and anarchic cls dual-wield. I had to apprentice his appropriate attacks and how best to contrivance em, activity like I can do it abundant easier tomorrow if it resets :D


No abstraction how I'm traveling to exhausted Aristocratic admitting unghh.If you wish a activity with trolls go accept a appointment activity with rai** horikawa whom players brought out with elitism. Accept a appointment activity with her. Go on. Aback I get the activity you all just wish activity on forums afterwards assault all the added DDC trolls.