Not new to RuneScape


Didn't you apperceive 99% of all changeable avatars on runescape are males in reality?

So what? Your source? Value of your animadversion to this thread? Are you suggesting that's why Jagex has abstract the changeable avatars to antic proportions, because 99% of them are absolutely males who daydream about such things?Those are a lot of acceptable the ones administering inappropriate activities on F2P w3 lumbridge that acquired the acme to be changed.

Didn't YOU apperceive that there absolutely ARE females who play this game? Analysis out the cilia "females charge a complete rework."

Our articulation should be heard.The contempo change to some of the absence accouterment was antic for several reasons.

For one thing, it appears to accept been put into convenance to additional those who may able-bodied be too adolescent to play this bold anyhow the afterimage of adumbrated pixelated nakeyness. These kids can accord with seeing innocent men, women, and beasts getting murdered, claret spurting from their dying bodies, demon worshipping, bubbler alcohol(along with the furnishings such bubbler has on your stats)...but fleshtoned jumpsuit jumpsuits will actively abject their adolescent minds?

Instead of about abacus random-colored strips to absence costumes, how about just tweaking the blush schemes hardly instead so that, for example, a peach-colored top and agnate derma tones are not absolutely the aforementioned shade. Anybody would afresh be safe from the abhorrence of analogous pixelated derma and pixelated clothes, yet there would be no charge of slapping awkward searching outlines or added appropriately odd searching swatches of blush assimilate actualization models to blend up the attending the amateur enjoyed.

I don't apperceive that this has been a wide-spread problem. It sounds as admitting it was mostly bound to a baby accumulation of streaker-freaks who alleged Apple 3 home. I don't go to W3 actual often, so that ability explain why in over 10 years of play I accept not already encountered these nakey folk.

It does assume a accept such a change inflicted on the actualization models just as a big auction is underway in Solomon's store, area one can buy all sorts of actual absolute apparel that allegedly in no way affectation any accident to adolescent accouchement whatsoever.

Uh-huh. The timing is absolutely curious. It's like the Boogie Bow abortion all over again. For those who weren't actuality for that, the BB was an annual accustomed to ALL players to bless 200 Million RS accounts. A few canicule later, it became a P2P-only item. Then,Cheap RuneScape gold a about identical corrective bow became accessible for acquirement from Solomon.

Forgive my cynicism, but the bait-and-switch is not new to RuneScape.