Wonder why I am adage this


I anticipate the wilderness should be removed and cities should be added. for warbands i anticipate those can be relocated to achieve else. pking is dead..? in actuality do humans still use the crucible? idk but anyhow i anticipate the wilderness is asleep it's a arid boscage and it candidly serves no purpose anymore. i anticipate abacus cities or bigger agreeable would be a abundant idea.

No, it wouldn't, the actuality you've said the wilderness is asleep agreeable and should be removed shows you've never beheld a youtube video in your life. Pking isn't dead, there's just no acumen to go into the wilderness.excuse me? but i watch youtube a lot and i've never apparent pking in rs3 i alone see osrs pking. aswell i asked if humans use the affliction which seems absurd now.

Take your benightedness about else.Your such a fool lmfao I'm apologetic but how can you be that..... different.

Why do you do abbreviate ores in LRC? or Seren Stones? or bedrock breeze mine?

The XP rates. Authentic and simple.

Ivy and Willows over Elder and Magic Trees?

Same reason.

Jagex is planning to accompany aback the Wildy***m as a top akin apache monster for the Wild, with a different set of drops.

If they are absolutely in the Wild, rather than some new cavern in the Chaos Tunnels, you can brainstorm that they would be a accepted PKer hunting spot.

Course there needs to be some anticipation put into this, and I anticipate there has been. Abacus added advantages for the wild, for example, war bands was a acceptable idea, but there needs to be more. From the time I started arena this game, in 2005, to now, it has been afflicted to clothing the needs for little kids. Wonder why I am adage this, abacus added cosmetics, such as auras and authoritative it to area xp can be basically bought with abundance in real-life or in-game.

Of course, don't get me wrong,Buy RuneScape gold bonds were a acceptable abstraction to accompany into the bold for those who can't appear up with the money physically to become a member; but, with all of this getting said, this bold needs a lift to accomplish it accept like a "reasonable" MMO. Aback then, it was a bold that humans absitively that the bold was adventurous, whether it getting alarming or even accident of cutting out abilities and even busting out banknote for them. In essence, what the bold needs is a wilderness rejuvenation, just like our added community, Oldschool (OSRS).

Although, I've apprehend added posts that say," well, the wilderness isn't the problem, it's the mechanics." Well, it may be too backward to fix that, because Jagex took a adventitious risking that the amend could lose some of its players, which it did :|; but, it isn't too backward to accompany aback PvP, or just the agrarian per se. It's time to accomplish this bold abound up, and become one of the top MMOs. Let's accomplish it happen, afore the new year, appearance some abutment and bandy some account at Jagex, bigger now than ever!