This would be the aisle the game


How do I feel today ?

I feel like we started over with the best adaptation of the runescape bold , and started a additional aisle into the future, i feel its the aisle we should accept RuneScape gold taken in 2008, but history absitively otherwise,

I feel like in some parralel cosmos this would be the aisle the bold would accept taken, if all the bad updates from the accomplished were advised better.

What does the approaching holds ?

I anticipate the approaching is actual bright, the 75% poll arrangement makes abiding that an Amend like abatement of the Wilderness will never happen, and added updates like barter absolute and solomons abundance are refered to the trashcan quicker than a bird takes flight.

This was my baby addition to your thread,

Srry for the massive bulk of typos, candidly couldnt affliction less.

The 2008 Prods: I apprehend that this appellation is actual abhorred but its the alone one i can call them after any confusing, this amateur abject started arena amid 2008-2011

Runescape had already fabricated the " affliction updates " for the 2 antecedent groups, and these players never knew annihilation else, the GE was there, the wilderness was gone, bountyhunter was the new thing. barter limiet, phats were abolition actual hard, 3rd age became the new "rare", aswell we had the 2008 blueprint update.

I feel like there ability be some bent in this ascertainment of yours... can't assume to put my feel on it, though...

Totally feel the same. I've enjoyed re-starting and about accept my annual aback to the aforementioned accompaniment it was in pre-EOC. This is how it should accept been. I do wish an alternative 2008 HD, however. (See my appointment signature if you would like to abutment - don't beggarly to advertize but as it's related...!