You go in rune or dragon or barrows


I absolutely like both of your points. I was cerebration with the new afterlife arrangement (charging 5% of GE bulk to retrieve items), a agnate arrangement could be acclimated for the wilderness (say about a 1% added bulk for the also-ran and the champ receives that 1% reward). This way it abundantly reduces the bulk for skillers/lower levels and gives an allurement for players with RuneScape gold college bank accessories to advance added players with according bank equipment.Changing the wilderness will not fix anything.

Players acclimated to pk if it was simple and cheap, if you absolved in with your rune armor (you cartel not accompany your dragon.. or afterwards barrows for abhorrence of loss) and asleep humans for their stuff.

Now, if you go in rune or dragon or barrows (cheapest semi appropriate armor left) again some affluent guy will just 2hit you with a nox staff.

If you ambition players aback in the wilderness, again reverting it to a above-mentioned point will not fix it, the bold has acquired too far, there is too abundant accident to accompany a ample bulk acceptable item, and with poorer items you will lose to anyone with a top bulk item.

I accede that humans acclimated to go in the agrarian a lot added to skill, and already that was afflicted again it started to die, PKers larboard as they couldn't annihilate innocent targets to balance from losing.. But I beggarly appear on.. Nobody will go, no bulk what because no bulk what you accompany anyone will consistently be able to acquiesce to accident some crazily op bank 90 weapon to annihilate you with.

However, I do not anticipate it should be removed.

Lately I accept been cerebration (since rs is traveling rather belief based) maybe acquiesce us to access the spirit branch is added areas with Jessika's ring, and accept some pvm spots or skilling spots aural the spirit branch for skillers.

Allow us to see the age-old Forinthry City-limits mentioned by the building curator, or maybe some towns that are now annihilation but ruin...

Add some content, some ideas, something new, but leave the wilderness itself as the wilderness, see what I am saying? The ring has had so few uses.. and could accessible so abundant for the wilderness in my opinion.

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