Runescape Treasure Hunter Heart of Gielinor Encampment


Help Ajjat to train adventurers each day for Combat XP, and build statues outside the entrance to the dungeon to enhance your skills in Construction and more. Work as a community to complete the necessary tasks and unlock rewards together, including the Energised Arm Cannon.
From 00:00 UTC on 17th March until 23:59 UTC on 21st March, use a different skill each day to assemble statues and work towards receiving the magnificent Energised Arm Cannons!
How to Play:
You’ll get 100 basic tools on log-in, each day during the Heart of Gielinor. Should you miss any, you can pick them up on the later days during the event.
Use the tools to teleport to the location of the new God Wars dungeon, the Heart of Gielinor, to get stuck in to the new community event. The skills change each day at 00:00 UTC, so be sure to check back each day to find out what they are!
Speak to Ajjat outside the entrance to the new God Wars Dungeon if you’d like a full run-down of how the event works. Unfortunately, free-to-play accounts will not be able to take part in the Heart of Gielinor event.
Train the adventurers each day to earn combat XP, or build statues using varying skills, to increase your personal and community contribution and unlock unique rewards. To do this, you’ll need tools, which you can get from Treasure Hunter or your daily log-in. You can also buy small (30) and large (100) tool packs from Ajjat and the Loyalty Points store – up to 10 of each.
Golden tools – which give 25 times the contribution, as well as 25 times the XP if the skill is 50 or over and 10 times if the skill is below – can be won on Treasure Hunter.
Tools work for whichever skills are active that day, and can be used five times before breaking. There will always be more than one skill available to train during the event; 2 on day one and 3 every other day. Golden tools are always used first. Rewards:
Rewards are unlocked as personal and community contribution levels reach the prizes shown on the Heart of Gielinor interface, which can be found in the progress pop-up. Progress can be checked at any time during the event by talking to Ajjat or using the right-click option on the tool boxes.
Level 65 main-hand and off-hand Energised Arm Cannons will be unlocked when the personal and community progress bars reach 20% completion. These can be further upgraded to include a new emote, adapted so they can be worn as a Wardrobe override, and improved up to level 75 with progress.
There will also be mystery boxes available to unlock through these contributions levels, which will contain a various assortment of Treasure Hunter goodies. The final mystery box contains a greater yield of prizes, so try to unlock it if you can!
Note that Ironman accounts can participate and will receive the Wardrobe overrides only.
    Ironmen are allowed to skill exactly the same as a normal player, and will receive standard tools every day.
    Ironmen cannot get golden tools.
    Ironmen cannot buy any additional tools with Loyalty Points.
    Ironmen cannot get mystery boxes.
    Ironmen cannot get the weapon.
A portal will be covering the entrance to the God Wars dungeon right up until the end of the event and will remain there until the release of the God Wars Dungeon update. Talk to May Stormweather to find out more information or click on the portal to break it down for Divination XP.