Dwarf Quest Competition Winners


A few weeks ago we asked you to send in your designs for new characters to appear in our epic conclusion of the Red Axe quest saga. Specifically, we were looking for your suggestions for a new NPC to lead the Chaos Druids, and a terrifying monster who would drop the coveted dragon throwing axes!

We received a ton of amazing entries that have far surpassed what we could ever have hoped for. In the end, we had to narrow it down to designs we knew we could fit into the context of the quest. After several long sessions of reviews, arguments, physical violence and name-calling, we finally reached a consensus over which designs would be added to RuneScape.

For the Chaos Druid, we selected the sinister Ikadia who was created by Athonen. You can read the full description on our forum thread, and here's our artist's impression:

For the monster, we selected the intimidating Chaos Giant as suggested by Adraman. His design is included below:

Congratulations to both of you! We will be adding your designs to the game, incorporating your username into the credits and will be sending you the signed concept art of your creation!

Of course, with so many really great entries it was next to impossible to whittle it down to one winner per category. As such, we’d like to showcase some runners up who deserve praise as well!

Malice by Texaera:

Cave Myzon by Syntillating:

Cicatrix by Auron Rage

Qybenixx by Sylverthiral:

Thanks for all of your entries! We’ll be posting up a gallery of some of our favourite monster and druid image entries in the near future.

You may also be aware that we had some very special guests visit us at Jagex HQ. Dardan, Regicidal, Jake, Nathan and Ryan M agreed to visit us in Cambridge and help us design a new addition to the Lava Flow Mine minigame! Their suggestion was as follows:

At random intervals, averaging once per hour, a lava geyser appears in a random one of the lava channel segments in the Lava Flow Mine. Players must first cool the geyser by casting any water or ice spells on it. Any number of players can interact with the geyser at once. Once enough water damage has been dealt to the geyser, it solidifies.

Once the geyser has solidified, players can mine it. Each player who is mining the geyser when it shatters will have a chance of gaining part of a new pickaxe!

Keep an eye out for more information on these updates - as well as loads of other awesome content – on www.4rsgold.com!