RuneScape 3 a comprehensive FAQ


If I play already do I need a new account?

No, you can keep on playing with your existing account.

How does RS3 affect my existing RuneScape character?

Because RS3 is an upgrade to RuneScape your character isn’t affected, you’ll continue with everything you currently have.

What has changed with RS3?

The key changes are the Sixth Age story which starts with The Battle of Lumbridge world event, the New Interface System, and a new audio system including over 6 hours of new music, and a new set of seasonal hiscores. The HTML5 client will remain in beta for the time being but is available to all players and well worth trying out if you have a high spec PC.

Can I play RS3 in Java?

Yes, we recommend most players stick with Java for the time being. The HTML5 client is still in beta but available to those who want to try it out. Both clients play in the same game world

Can I go back to the old interface?

The New Interface System has directly replaced the old one. It can be customised to be much like what you are used to, however, and there are also presets that mimic the old resizeable and fixed window modes.

What is the Battle of Lumbridge?

The Battle of Lumbridge is a giant battle between two of the game’s best known gods. You the player, can choose sides, influence the outcome and decide other changes to the battle and story on a week-by-week basis. The future of Gielinor is in your hands.

How do the seasonal hiscores work?

Firstly have a look at the new Seasonal section of our revamped Hiscores, this outlines all of the current seasonal hiscores you can currently take part in. Then log into game and compete for the chance to wear the Crown of Supremacy (and, once your reign's over, the Crown of Legends), and to earn emotes and titles worthy of your victory. You can also view the seasonal hiscores in-game via the Social tab.

What has changed with the audio?

The new audio system now streams from our servers (rather than being stored on your machines) meaning that we’ve been able to improve the sound quality and have included a large range of new and re-recorded hundreds of tracks to take advantage of this.

How has the camera system been updated?

We now have two camera modes - Classic and RS3 – which you can switch between in the Game Settings interface. The default for existing players is Classic Camera and this is very similar to the camera you used in RS2 except we’ve added in the ability for you to zoom in much closer to your character. The RS3 camera is a new mode with more freedom to look around and which pivots more precisely around your character.

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