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A Brief News Update

Hello everyone!

Further to yesterday's newspost, which discussed the process of allowing more staff to work from home due to the coronavirus, we can confirm that we will not be having a game update today. We're hoping to do so later this week, and will keep you posted with any further developments.

There are a few things though we need to bring you up to speed on though, so rather than save them for the update newspost, we've gathered it all here. Read on!

Live streams

Tuesday, March 17th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – Road to Archaeology #2

Dust off your Indy hats (leave the raggedy jacket though, it belongs in a museum…), we’re about to take another step on the Road to Archaeology! In today’s follow-up of our introductory series, we will focus on the lore and content of some of the dig sites coming with release. These are the epic skilling locations that’ll arrive in Gielinor on March 30th. If you've been so busy skilling that you’ve missed the first Road to Archaeology then you’ve got some catch up to do. You can learn about the basic mechanics of the skill in the video. If you're after an even deeper dive, then check out the livestream. Got any questions you’d like us to answer live about Archaeology? Then hop in and send them in the chat!

LootScape will be enabled.

Saturday, March 21st – 13:00 UTC (Game Time) – Featured stream: Wazzy

This week, our featured streamer is Wazzy! He’ll be taking you all on a PvM adventure, first challenging a 4K Enrage Telos, then Solak with a selection of viewers from the stream. And, if time allows it, a Vorago (HM) mass.

Oh, and LootScape is included! That’s right, you can receive in-game loot simply for watching. It works exactly the same way as our official streams - just watch Wazzy’s stream over on his Twitch channel and you’ll receive the LootScape the following day.

LootScape will be enabled.

Oddments Sale

Have you checked out the Oddments Store recently? Rumour has it there's a sale going on right now!

You'll have to move fast to catch a bargain though, as the discounts change all the time!

Server Issues

We are aware that there have been some server issues affecting login for some of our players over the last few days. We are currently taking steps to resolve these issues and will update you in due course.

Thanks for your ongoing patience at this time, and remember to stay safe!


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