Runescape Treasure Hunter Valentine's 2016


Snuggle up at home and treat yourself this February with our Valentine’s event and goodies!

From 00:00 UTC on the 11th February until 23:59 UTC on the 15th February, you can collect Valentine’s petals through Treasure Hunter, skilling and killing, and daily challenges.

Simply click on the petals in your inventory to open the Valentine’s Store interface. There, you can unlock rewards from this year’s Valentine’s event, as well as Valentine’s loot from 2015 and 2014.

If you’re running low on Valentine’s petals, try searching for our hidden Easter eggs! There are two to find and they will reward you with an additional 25 petals each.

The Scepter of Enchantment is the main attraction of this year’s Valentine’s event! Fuel the staff with 200 petals to give it a charge, and then slam it to the ground for a 4% XP boost and a life point boost for 24 hours. Any player who is in the vicinity of the player when the staff is activated will receive a 2% XP boost and bonfire health boost for 2 hours.

Note: These boosts will not stack. If the affected player is hit by the 2% XP boost and then activates their own scepter, they will receive the original 4% XP boost. The Scepter of Enchantment can only be activated once a day. Normal bonfire boost does not stack with this health boost either.

This year’s Valentine’s Day prizes also include:

Simple Masquerade Mask

Follower pet, Helps, the Goblin Butler

Elegant Masquerade Mask (includes a unique walk animation)

Valentine’s Masquerade Emote

Masquerade Ball Outfit override

You will also be able to purchase items from previous Valentine’s Day events. The 2015 items can be bought at any time during the event using the petals. Once you have collected all of the 2015 items, you will be able to buy the Crown of the Fallen from the Valentine’s store.

Make sure you use your Valentine’s petals soon! Valentine’s petals will become untradeable on the 29th February before being removed from game on the 14th March.