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Runescape Merry Christmas Mod Osborne

We're beginning to wind down for Christmas, as more and more of us make the journey home to our families. There's a lovely Christmassy buzz in the office, and all the Secret Santa presents have been opened. It's a lovely time, then, to sit and write a heartfelt thank you to you all for the past year.

We couldn't hope for a better community. You've made us chuckle with your memes and wisecracks, you've thrown yourself into our game content, and you've pushed us to do the right thing needed. You're a fantastically opinionated, constructive and humorous bunch, and we wouldn't have you any other way.

That's without mentioning what you have achieved this year. You raised over $150,000 for SpecialEffect during Gameblast this year, which still feels unreal even as I type it. You did that. It was down to your efforts and goodwill, and that should never be taken for granted.

You helped to construct The Arc, which - for all its initial criticisms - is now settling into being a valuable update for all high-level players. You've helped to build the entire release schedule through the player survey. And you've directly helped to build Mining and Smithing and the Bank Rework, both of which are looking very good indeed.

There's been a lot to celebrate this year – in game, at least – with God Wars Dungeon 2, NXT, Children of Mah, Skilling Pets and others being real successes (and don't worry: we are aware of the things that we can improve, too). That only makes me more excited about next year, and what we have to really delight you.

In January alone we have surprises that I can't wait to reveal (you don't know how hard it is to keep a secret!) and Menaphos is shaping up to be something very special. We're getting better at what we do, and we hope to deliver more often and more spectacularly in 2017.

all of us here, we would like you to have a very happy holiday season, because frankly you deserve it. You are everything that makes RuneScape a very special place to be.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Mod Osborne

Lead Designer - RuneScape

Behind the Scenes Returns 8th January

Behind the Scenes is taking a break until January 8th 2017, when Mod Mark, Mod Osborne and friends will bring you a bumper update on the upcoming year of content.

Save the date and join us then for details of what you'll be enjoying over the coming months.

2016 Retrospective

Take a look back over the last year in RuneScape with a recap of our recent retrospective live stream:

Anniversary Rewards – Don't Miss Out

If you haven't already, seek out the strange portals dotted around Gielinor. Finding these will populate the 15th Anniversary Garden just north of Falador, and unlock a number of awesome cosmetics:

15th Anniversary Dance Emote

Skilling Speech Bubbles

15 Year Emote

Cracker Wings

Get these while you can, because the 15th Anniversary content will be removed with the first game update of the year, on the 9th of January.

Happy Holidays

Until January 8th, have a truly magnificent festive season. See you in 2017!


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