Runescape Hidden updates December


Hidden updates are updates which are not mentioned in the RuneScape news or the official forums. Jagex used to add many small updates and bug fixes which were too trivial to announce. They now include most of their updates in the Patch Notes sticky of the Recent Updates forum. However, there are still some updates which are not included in the Patch Notes for various reasons. This page lists the hidden updates for 2016. Hidden updates that occur separately major updates can also be recognised due to the build changing, which can be found in the Developer's Console.5 DecemberRegular and oak trees now have snow particles falling around them.Chaotic Cookery, Christmas Caverns, Land of Snow, Seasonal Sports and Smorgasbord have been reworked.The Java Game Client now occasionally pops up a message to download the NXT client when logging in."Coming soon" in Community Catchup, under Seasonal Events tab has been removed.Ancient memories are now purple in NXT rather than blue with a purple cap.Snowfall has returned to the developer console.If you want to know more things about Runescape and Runescape gold service can go to this website Our service is the most professional and most secure and convenient