Runescape Impressing the Locals


Impressing the Locals is the first part of the Tales of the Arc quest and miniquest series and serves as an introduction to the Arc region as the quest is required to enter that region.

Before the update on 12 December 2016, this quest was a miniquest, but was changed to a novice quest to increase its visibility and that of the Arc. Those who had already completed the miniquest version do not need to complete it again.

Speak to Trader Stan to start the quest about The Iron link's return for invasion. Use the option to talk about the Skulls pirate Jed. He tells about the Wushanko Isles and how he used to trade overseas there until the wild sea creatures started appearing years ago. He then makes a deal with you to find a crew willing to go to the isles with one of his other ships; you'll need a quartermaster, a navigator, and a bosun. Trader Stan believes Surula can advise you on a good quartermaster to hire for your crew. The navigator would be a siren; Stan suggests Seasinger Umi to fill the role of navigator. And for help in finding a bosun, he suggests speaking with Guard Captain Roarkwin.

The quartermaster

Go to your player-owned port and speak to Surula, the barmaid in the pub, to find a quartermaster in Trader Stan's name. She asks if you came to settle his tab, but makes a deal for you to cover for him in exchange for information. A pay-up of 1000 coins and she'll direct you to Mister Gully upstairs. Talk to Mister Gully on the balcony, and he'll accept your offer after you mention the Skulls.

The navigator

Talk to Seasinger Umi and ask her to join the crew as navigator with knowledge of the Eastern Lands. She's flattered by Stan's remarks, but declines the offer as she likes it in Port Sarim, not currently wanting to go back to the Eastern Lands. She does suggest that you recruit her sister instead, since Jemi plans on returning home soon anyways; find Seasinger Jemi beside the Rimmington well, and she'll agree to join.

The bosun

Talk to Guard Captain Roarkwin in the Port Sarim Jail. For a bosun, he suggests a former Black Knight, Jacob, but he was abducted during the first assault by Jed; he'll ask for a favour to inform Jacob's sister of his abduction. Meet with his sister, a Black Knight sergeant, in Draynor Village, in the upstairs of the pottery oven building; she'll try to ward you off, but when she learns of his abduction by the Skulls, she'll agree to join your crew, and introduces herself as Evie Higgs.

Wrapping up

Once you've recruited all three crew members, return to Trader Stan and talk about the Skulls pirates again. After the end of the Port Sarim Invasion, he'll request on behalf of the people of Port Sarim that you bring back all the abducted people, and add a personal request to bring back a mystery item that was on the first ship that Jed stole. A window will pop up saying you've completed the quest and unlocked the resting animation.

"Impressing" refers to both the standard meaning of affecting deeply and to the old practice of impressment, or forcing someone to serve on a ship's crew against their will.

The Stan-ing Around rest animation is a reference to the character Stan the Monkey Island games, who would gesture flamboyantly with his arms and tap his foot.

Impressing the Locals is the first miniquest or tale to be changed into a quest.