Become a Runescape Millionaire


  The virtual game of Runescape is a great world of fantasy to play in during your free time. If you are a new player seeking to make gold points quickly and become a millionaire, then there are several ways to do so. Once you’re on the path to making millions, it will be nearly irresistible to stop playing.Decide which skill that most interests you because the dedication to this craft will be what earns you money. A wise choice of skills to advance for the purpose of making money include fletching, mining, smithing, woodcutting and fishing. Skills such as woodcutting and fletching go hand in hand, as well as mining and smithing. A great way to make money in the member’s only world is to pick and sell flax. Picking flax requires no skill, and sells at a fairly high rate quite consistently.

  Look over the Runescape map to select the best area for your chosen skill. There are places such as the Piscatoris fishing village created just for serious skilled fishermen with banks nearby, or an area east of Seers Village with coal trucks for excellent mining experience. Seers Village is also the best place to pick flax just south of the building Party Pete lives in, and the bank is just a few seconds run away. Ores such as iron and coal tend to be easily mined at a fair pace, while fishing can take a bit longer but the payout per fish is higher. Make certain that you have the ability to bank often or a great deal of runes to easily teleport to a bank.Select a friend to work with you so that the time will pass much more quickly. Make a friend in the game to chat with as you work, or even a friend to work with side by side. Having a friend there will make the work feel much less repetitive, and infinitely more amusing.

  Once you have collected several thousand fish, ores or logs, head over to the Grand Exchange in Varrock and put your items up for sale at a reasonable price. Raw fish sell for more than cooked fish typically, and ores that are un-smelted sell better than bars.Collect your money from the Varrock Grand Exchange after everything has sold. Collecting raw goods from around Runescape and then selling them is one of the best ways to make money. Many people buy the goods to earn skill points more quickly than if they had mined or fished for themselves. Keep up the diligent work and becoming a Runescape millionaire in almost no time at all.

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