Make Spiky Vambraces in RuneScape


  RuneScape allows players to not only acquire cool armor and weapons but to accessorize them as well. "RuneScape" members with level 32 Crafting can attach Kebbit claws to their leather or dragonhide vambraces to make a spiked version with a +2 strength bonus. These spiky vambraces can add a unique style to your player's appearance, or fetch a small amount of gold when traded with other players. Players with high crafting and hunting levels can make all five varieties of spiky vambraces from scratch.

  Collect either cowhide or dragonhide, depending on the type of vambraces you wish to make. Leather vambraces require level 11 Crafting, while green, red, blue and black dragonhide require level 57, 66, 73 and 79 Crafting, respectively.Take your hide to a tanner. There are four tanners in "RuneScape," but the best locations are either at the crafting guild in Cannifis -- with level 40 Crafting and a brown apron -- or Al Kharid. These tanning locations cost significantly less per hide. Use the hide with the tanner to create leather. Select soft leather for leather vambraces.Put a needle and thread in your inventory. Use the needle with the piece of leather and select "Vambraces." Watch your character sew the leather and then confirm that the new equipment is in your inventory.

  Put a knife and several logs in your inventory and travel to the Woodlands hunting location north of the Gnome Stronghold. Locate a deadfall boulder.Click on the deadfall boulder to make a trap. With level 23 Hunting skill you can catch a wild Kebbit with a deadfall trip. Bait the trap with raw meat. Leave the deadfall trap for a few minutes and return later to find a dead Kebbit and some bones and Kebbit claws. Click on the Kebbit claws to add them to your inventory.Put the Kebbit claws and vambraces both in your inventory. Use the Kebbit claws with the vambraces; they will combine to form a spiked version if you have level 32 Crafting or higher

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