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2017 Preview Coming 8th January Competition Winner


As announced at the end of last year, this week's BTS is being rolled into a bumper 2017 Year Ahead video.

Don't forget to check back on the 8th of January for this massive preview of RuneScape's upcoming content.

See you then!

The RuneScape Team

December Competition Winners

December brought a merry feast of competitions to the table to test your ingenuity and creativity. Read on to find out who won.

Design a God competition

Congratulations to Viiiains, whose amazing design for Irid, God of the Wilderness has won a Zarosian Godsword.

Here's the design:

Irid, God of the Wilderness

Irid is the god of the wilderness, bound to the cursed land and bearing a terrifying visage.

Irid's creation, and existence, is somewhat of a mystery. Many tales are told about the only god who dares lay home in the wilderness, yet very few manage to escape an encounter.

Some stories claim the Wilderness god traps the souls of the unfortunate men and women that become lost in the Wilderness and infuses them into his own skin. However, others have claimed of being hopelessly lost and somehow finding their way home with an unseen and unknown guide.

RuneScape Winter Sweepstake

We gave you the chance to win an amazing Razer laptop this Christmas on our Facebook page, as well as a Brassican Godsword and Cooler Master gaming gear to boot. Our winner was Hjoyn – congratulations!

Sliske's Forum Advent-ure

Our forums were taken over by Sliske in the build-up to Christmas, who set a dastardly puzzle every day.

Our 24 winners were Dynamic Spy, Skeptokkul, Wasq 16, Dagnae, Darkelfdad, 11paris03, Borixi, Darth Malkor, Stone Mask03, Iron BM, Speedy 19, vghood, AuroraNightz, Yogurt138, Katya, Kanarthasis, Fe Armini, HeroicSnorro, Bruhmn, A Quest Cape, and KimJongSkill – congratulations! Make sure you check out the forum to see what you've won.

RuneScape Instachallenge

We asked you to be creative every day this December leading up to Christmas on our Instagram channel – and you delivered in shovelfuls! Leunah Skye's amazing interpretation of ‘Snow' was our winner. Check it out on Instagram, as well as our other 10 winners, who each earned a Bond. Great job!

Sliske's Labyrinth – Interactive Video Adventure

About 13,500 of you made it to the end of Sliske's Labyrinth, and we can confirm that the 5 winners of a Gold Premier Club package are ZL z, Kapn Krusty, jimothyfurer, Gazshin Zura, and EliteGuard.

Congratulations, courageous adventurers!

Well done to everyone who took part in one of our competitions this December – we hope you enjoyed them and are looking forward to more in 2017!


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