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Runescape Gemerator Returns

Get benefit prizes based on the boilerplate aberration of your endure 5 with Gemerator – including a different cape, crown, necklace, and an all-new gem sack cosmetic.

The Gemerator is alive 00:00 UTC on 16th March until 23:59 UTC on 20th March. Read on for abounding details!

How Does It Work?

Open Treasure Hunter chests as normal, and you’ll alpha to see a aberration history arise at the ancillary of the screen.

Once the 5 history slots are filled, you’ll be able to affirmation an added cost - of a aberration according to the boilerplate of the 5 slots.

Please agenda that the added cost will go beeline into your haversack if you affirmation it.

Don’t like the akin of cost you’ve got? Keep aperture chests and acquisition the aberration akin you’re after.

Special Prizes

The cape, crown, chaplet and gem sack are won in the anatomy of tradeable tokens, which can be adored to alleviate the corrective or sold, if you prefer.

Please agenda that the gem sack is a cape-slot cosmetic, so cannot be beat at the aforementioned time as the cape.

These prizes are alone accessible the Gemerator benefit slot, so get them while you can!


Gemerator Acme and Chaplet Gemerator Cape Gemerator Cape


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